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SECRETARIAT OF TRUTH 3: Hollywood: the third leg of the left’s propaganda machine


Ben Shapiro on OTJ. . . the history of Hollywood’s metamorphosis into social engineering. . .  this is a wonderfully detailed account of the evidence so if you watch cable or go to movies, please listen carefully.



SECRETARIAT OF TRUTH 2: Department of University Affairs

The propaganda stool has 3 legs: The media, the university, and the Party. The Leftist-Media-University-Complex is (in concert with Jihadist Islam) the major ideological threat to democracy in the world today. But with the rise of a heavily armed China, Russia and nuclear Iran the propaganda war is largely academic. The political Left has completed its agenda in the west and now the dictatorships of the Unholy Alliance[1] will prevail. Based upon the successful propaganda campaign using our democratic rights, the dictatorships will fill the void left by the United States of America.   

This blogger was a useful idiot of Leftist U. and was in its ideological grip for the better part of eight years. Ten years later the ‘light came on. . .’ by the ‘new-school-of-everyday-life’ where he discovered that although they are a very necessary vector in the democratic political equation, “. . . the Left are never Right”.

[1] David Horowitz. The Unholy Alliance: radical Islam and the American left. Regnery Publishing Inc. Washington DC. 2004

CHOMSKY’S PATHOLOGY: The Left’s Minister of Propaganda.


“. . . . Chomsky is the most influential intellectual in the academic world . . . he is the 7th most cited author in academic life after Plato and Freud . . . what you have to understand about Noam Chomsky is that he is a colossal, compulsive, certifiable liar . . .”

David Horowitz (The Freedom Centre) C-Span Washington Journal

There is a lot of competition for top position with this particular characterological trait in leftist circles. Witness the rivals . . . Lenin, Stalin, Kim Jong Il, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

But because of his carefully manufactured and well polished academic reputation, his impact has been monumental for a generation of leftist ‘useful idiots’ (term attributed to Ivan Ilyich Lenin) like myself.

This interview sheds a good deal of light on the frustration that Alan Dershowitz had in debating Noam Chomsky, shown in this blog’s February 28, 2014 entry.


The unholy alliance of the political left and Jihadist-Islam have groomed the myth that they are ‘from’ and ‘for’ the working class and the poor. It is another of the BIG LIES of one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in history.

David Horowitz in his book: The New Leviathan[1] demonstrates how the extremely well funded propaganda machine and election apparatus of the Democrat/Media complex has undermined the American democratic process.

Here is a brief introduction. . . . .

[1] David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin. The New Leviathan: How the left wing money machine shapes American Politics and threatens America’s Future. Crown Forum, New York 2012


NOTES ON WINNING: UCLA votes (against all odds) in favour of Israel . . .

         The divestment vote (DBS[1] propaganda campaign by the “Unholy Alliance[2]” against Israel) is ‘turned’ by a 2 minute speech from Ben Shapiro[3] of and Breitbart News.

Please listen carefully to this 2 part series. Shapiro got up in the middle of the night and walked into a hostile environment of leftist and Palestinian activists and took 2 minutes to turn the tide by impassioned, rational discourse. By the GRACE OF GOD he succeeded, in the very ‘belly of the beast’. It CAN be done.

The discussion which surrounds this monumental event is covered on the Glazov Gang.[4] It is a very important lesson as it lays out the conceptual and strategic changes necessary to counteract the latest ruthless, oil-funded propaganda campaign against the Jews.

Part 1:

Part 2:

[1] “ Divest, Boycott, Sanction”. . .(DBS)  this latest fascist strategy of the ‘unholy alliance’ to delegitimize the state of Israel accusing her of Apartheid (the only democracy in the Middle East, the only state in the Middle East which protects religious, free-speech, gays and women’s rights). No attempts to divest Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt or Syria for their human rights record and their institutional Apartheid . . . just Israel.  Funny thing THAT . . .

[2] David Horowitz. THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE . Regnery, Washington DC, 2004

[3] Ben Shapiro is the Editor in Chief of, and Editor at Large of Breitbart News

[4] Jew Hatred and the Art of Political Warfare — On The Glazov Gang


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Alan Dershowitz (Professor of Law, Harvard University) His liberal and professional bone fides are unquestionable.[1] He was allegedly instrumental in gaining freedom for Nelson Mandela, for defense of pornography as freedom of expression, the murder case against Claus von Bulow, OJ Simpson and launching an anti-defamation suit against the then Archbishop of Warsaw Jozef Glemp on behalf of a defamed Rabbi. Despite his leftist persuasion he was offended by the academic and left-wing-sponsored attack on Israel on spurious grounds. The position is published in his book : The Case for Israel.[2] Unfortunately he favors a two-state solution.

Noam Chomsky, (Professor Emeritus of Linguistics MIT)[3] is a leftist icon who (along with Norman Finkelstein[4]), is a prolific and vociferous anti-Israel academic. Finkelstein was denied tenure at DePaul University and thereafter resigned. Chomsky continues his tax-payer-funded, military-protected, prestige-borne rant against America and Israel and its allegedly conspiratorial relationship.

All are Jewish.


Please familiarize yourselves with the basic issues because the universities and the conventional media have become oil-funded anti-Semitic propaganda machines as has the (dis)United Nations.  Dershowitz’ voice is heard in ‘occupied territory.’

[2] Alan Dershowitz. The Case for Israel. John Wiley and Sons. Hoboken, New Jersey. 2003

APOSTATE:  Film-maker Defects from the Unholy Alliance


With the American left and Islam, evidence and the truth are not the issue: ideology and faith ARE . . . .