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Some things Never Change

[PART 2 of the O’Rourke, Novak roast at Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) Feb 11, 1994]

“Patrick Jake “P. J.” O’Rourke (born November 14, 1947) is an American political satirist, journalist, writer and author. O’Rourke is the H. L. Mencken Research Fellow at the Cato Institute . . . [1] . . . he is also an incredibly brilliant and funny man.”

He is the consummate iconoclastic satirist with book titles such as Peace Kills (2004) and Give War a Chance  (1992) . He earned his right to exercise his signature caustic wit by his in–harms-way,  on-the ground war-correspondent role that took him to 40 different countries over 21 years from the tearing down of the Berlin wall in 1989, Kuwait 1991, Somalia 1993, Washington in 9/11, Egypt, Iraq  2003, “Lebanon, the West Bank, the Soviet Union, apartheid-era South Africa, the jungles of the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc.”. [2] His satirical thrust is pertinent to Israel’s fight to survive.

In this YouTube clip from 1994, he analyzes the Clinton Administration philosophy and performance and it sounds like “Barak Obama Administration –  Light”.   With the political left, some things never change.

[2] Excerpted from Holidays in Heck © 2011 by P.J. O’Rourke; reprinted with the permission of the publisher, Grove/Atlantic, Inc.


APOSTATE:  Film-maker Defects from the Unholy Alliance


With the American left and Islam, evidence and the truth are not the issue: ideology and faith ARE . . . .

THE NEW FASCISM: Total Surveillance

Hitler used IBM technology to control Europe and to apprehend the Jews for extermination. If he had access to the technologies that the American government has at its disposal today, we would all be speaking German or Japanese today.

Brad Thor is fully aware of the threat of Islamic Jihad against the USA but states very clearly that ‘total surveillance’ of US citizen is the greater threat.

His rhetorical question is: What if a tyrannical government came to power in the USA with these capabilities? Sorry Brad, but I know you know that it already has. As Robert Spencer states: the US government’s Middle East Foreign Policy has demonstrated that it is currently harnessed to the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yellow Star (this author) will venture to say that because of the gradualist Saudi-sponsored infiltration into the USA (the government, the universities, the media, the schools and the ‘ loyal opposition’) now the unholy alliance of the left and Islam is disproportionately represented in both US domestic and foreign policy.

The ‘unholy alliance’ can comfortably state: “we have the technology. . . “

The next question becomes : ‘to do WHAT ?’


It doesn’t even take one page for you to be blown away by Brad Thor’s highly successful thriller from last summer “Black List.” It’s right there on the first page of the preface.

But why are we talking about last year’s success rather than his latest project (“Hidden Order“) slated for release on Tuesday? Because last year’s book warned of one of this year’s biggest scandals: the NSA spying story.

“This is not only real stuff, but it chilled me to the bone,” Thor told TheBlaze in a sit-down interview in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Friday. “This” is the NSA’s capability to surveil its own citizens — but not just its capability, also its willingness and practice.

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The DANGEROUS MYTH is :  ‘. . . if I am not doing anything wrong, why should I be concerned . . . ?’

Yellow Star response ? :   ” . . . The Jews of Europe in 1930, were doing nothing wrong. . . “

THE TRUE NATURE OF THE PROBLEM: Israel, the West and the Church:

Walid Shoebat

This is a long segment but global in its coverage. There are some minor controversial theological positions taken, but it is remarkably Biblically accurate. It raises many questions that must be considered by Christians and Jews.

Shoebat (an ex-terrorist Palestinian, now Christian living in America) was subject to a mis-information campaign aired on CNN based upon propaganda and sub-standard investigative reporting. The same campaign has been waged against him in the left-church. He counters the accusations as the introduction to this piece.

Thesis: That the Islamic Supremacist infiltration into the USA and the passive governmental response is a symptom of America’s cultural decline, an apostate church and is merely a repeat of previous historic Islamic incursions into the West.