Posted: May 19, 2013 in propaganda, White House


Quote from Hillary Clinton (recently resigned US Secretary of State) giving testimony at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings on the Benghazi attack and deaths, which took place on 9/11, 2012

Given that the President of the United States Barak Hussein Obama was MIA for 5 hours during the crucial decision-making period with respect to the attack and attempted rescue, yet gave “Stand Down” orders on at least 2 occasions to the Special Ops Forces ready to attempt a rescue . . . and given that the President, Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, the Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) continued to lie to the US population and the world about the motive of the attack and murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens (though they already knew it was an Ansar Al Sharia terrorist operation from the time it took place . . . ) and given that the Press Secretary and the mainstream US media was complicit in burying the story at the crucial time of the election despite the fact there were multiple impeachable offenses and/or gross incompetence displayed . . .

. . . upon confirmation of the testimony of the key operatives in the CIA, Sec State and the military who were on the ground or in the chain of command . . . then it would follow that the President of the United States was re-elected under false pretenses in the election of November 2012 . . .

. . . and that Madam Secretary . . . makes a difference!

  1. Barb Churcher says:

    WOW!!!! Sock it to them, Roger!!!!! We have been/are lied to so often it is refreshing to see the truth plainly set out. The Lord bless you. Barb Churcher

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