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NOTES ON WINNING: UCLA votes (against all odds) in favour of Israel . . .

         The divestment vote (DBS[1] propaganda campaign by the “Unholy Alliance[2]” against Israel) is ‘turned’ by a 2 minute speech from Ben Shapiro[3] of and Breitbart News.

Please listen carefully to this 2 part series. Shapiro got up in the middle of the night and walked into a hostile environment of leftist and Palestinian activists and took 2 minutes to turn the tide by impassioned, rational discourse. By the GRACE OF GOD he succeeded, in the very ‘belly of the beast’. It CAN be done.

The discussion which surrounds this monumental event is covered on the Glazov Gang.[4] It is a very important lesson as it lays out the conceptual and strategic changes necessary to counteract the latest ruthless, oil-funded propaganda campaign against the Jews.

Part 1:

Part 2:

[1] “ Divest, Boycott, Sanction”. . .(DBS)  this latest fascist strategy of the ‘unholy alliance’ to delegitimize the state of Israel accusing her of Apartheid (the only democracy in the Middle East, the only state in the Middle East which protects religious, free-speech, gays and women’s rights). No attempts to divest Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt or Syria for their human rights record and their institutional Apartheid . . . just Israel.  Funny thing THAT . . .

[2] David Horowitz. THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE . Regnery, Washington DC, 2004

[3] Ben Shapiro is the Editor in Chief of, and Editor at Large of Breitbart News

[4] Jew Hatred and the Art of Political Warfare — On The Glazov Gang