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FASCIST AMERICA:  Free Speech Patriotism and Israel (read, Jews) . . . verboten  



adjective: verboten

1.    forbidden, especially by an authority.

Origin German.


          American servicemen who stand up for their defamed and libeled ally in the Middle East, (Israel) or who have the audacity to display the American Flag in front of their own Whitehouse . . . will be assaulted, spit upon, removed or arrested as “Islamic thugs and their leftist jackboots…”[1] deny basic constitutional rights to American citizens.

          Please do not forget that ‘NAZI’ stood for National Socialist German Workers Party and their Palestinian ally Haj Amin Al Husseini (great uncle of Yasser Arafat) was mandated to execute the ‘final solution’ in the Middle East.

          So much for the psychotic fantasy of Democratic Socialism.


[1] As quoted from the article where the above STUNNING video clip is found:


NOTES ON WINNING: UCLA votes (against all odds) in favour of Israel . . .

         The divestment vote (DBS[1] propaganda campaign by the “Unholy Alliance[2]” against Israel) is ‘turned’ by a 2 minute speech from Ben Shapiro[3] of and Breitbart News.

Please listen carefully to this 2 part series. Shapiro got up in the middle of the night and walked into a hostile environment of leftist and Palestinian activists and took 2 minutes to turn the tide by impassioned, rational discourse. By the GRACE OF GOD he succeeded, in the very ‘belly of the beast’. It CAN be done.

The discussion which surrounds this monumental event is covered on the Glazov Gang.[4] It is a very important lesson as it lays out the conceptual and strategic changes necessary to counteract the latest ruthless, oil-funded propaganda campaign against the Jews.

Part 1:

Part 2:

[1] “ Divest, Boycott, Sanction”. . .(DBS)  this latest fascist strategy of the ‘unholy alliance’ to delegitimize the state of Israel accusing her of Apartheid (the only democracy in the Middle East, the only state in the Middle East which protects religious, free-speech, gays and women’s rights). No attempts to divest Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt or Syria for their human rights record and their institutional Apartheid . . . just Israel.  Funny thing THAT . . .

[2] David Horowitz. THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE . Regnery, Washington DC, 2004

[3] Ben Shapiro is the Editor in Chief of, and Editor at Large of Breitbart News

[4] Jew Hatred and the Art of Political Warfare — On The Glazov Gang


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Alan Dershowitz (Professor of Law, Harvard University) His liberal and professional bone fides are unquestionable.[1] He was allegedly instrumental in gaining freedom for Nelson Mandela, for defense of pornography as freedom of expression, the murder case against Claus von Bulow, OJ Simpson and launching an anti-defamation suit against the then Archbishop of Warsaw Jozef Glemp on behalf of a defamed Rabbi. Despite his leftist persuasion he was offended by the academic and left-wing-sponsored attack on Israel on spurious grounds. The position is published in his book : The Case for Israel.[2] Unfortunately he favors a two-state solution.

Noam Chomsky, (Professor Emeritus of Linguistics MIT)[3] is a leftist icon who (along with Norman Finkelstein[4]), is a prolific and vociferous anti-Israel academic. Finkelstein was denied tenure at DePaul University and thereafter resigned. Chomsky continues his tax-payer-funded, military-protected, prestige-borne rant against America and Israel and its allegedly conspiratorial relationship.

All are Jewish.


Please familiarize yourselves with the basic issues because the universities and the conventional media have become oil-funded anti-Semitic propaganda machines as has the (dis)United Nations.  Dershowitz’ voice is heard in ‘occupied territory.’

[2] Alan Dershowitz. The Case for Israel. John Wiley and Sons. Hoboken, New Jersey. 2003


Some things Never Change

[PART 2 of the O’Rourke, Novak roast at Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) Feb 11, 1994]

“Patrick Jake “P. J.” O’Rourke (born November 14, 1947) is an American political satirist, journalist, writer and author. O’Rourke is the H. L. Mencken Research Fellow at the Cato Institute . . . [1] . . . he is also an incredibly brilliant and funny man.”

He is the consummate iconoclastic satirist with book titles such as Peace Kills (2004) and Give War a Chance  (1992) . He earned his right to exercise his signature caustic wit by his in–harms-way,  on-the ground war-correspondent role that took him to 40 different countries over 21 years from the tearing down of the Berlin wall in 1989, Kuwait 1991, Somalia 1993, Washington in 9/11, Egypt, Iraq  2003, “Lebanon, the West Bank, the Soviet Union, apartheid-era South Africa, the jungles of the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc.”. [2] His satirical thrust is pertinent to Israel’s fight to survive.

In this YouTube clip from 1994, he analyzes the Clinton Administration philosophy and performance and it sounds like “Barak Obama Administration –  Light”.   With the political left, some things never change.

[2] Excerpted from Holidays in Heck © 2011 by P.J. O’Rourke; reprinted with the permission of the publisher, Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

APOSTATE:  Film-maker Defects from the Unholy Alliance


With the American left and Islam, evidence and the truth are not the issue: ideology and faith ARE . . . .

THE HAPPIEST WARRIOR: Rush Limbaugh. . .

For 25 years the man at the top of the American left’s enemies list’ has been the famous Rush Limbaugh. And the more they talk of shutting him down, the more popular he gets. The more lies they tell about him, the more marketing they do on his behalf.

President, Barak Hussein Obama is reported to have said at to his Hollywood compatriots that the reason he could not get his agendas through congress is because of Rush Limbaugh.[1]

Please watch this video clip of Rush Limbaugh on the Jay Leno show:

The problem with Rush is that he is nearly always right. The reason is that he is usually the first to see through the smoke screen of propaganda put up by the leftist elite in America and is thereby best in predicting ultimate outcomes. He is truly an analytic genius  (witness the Limbaugh Theorem). [2] He draws the visceral hatred of ‘Obama-gasm’s’[3] Chris Matthews and the Democrat  Party’s ‘Ministry of Propaganda (MSNBC) because he is not university educated, came from humble yet dignified patriotic beginnings, has accumulated a fortune and is unapologetic about it. He slaughters all the sacred cows of the leftist propaganda machines, victim-ology, open borders,  anti-capitalism, the leftist-dictator-icons (Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Chinese Communism, Yasser Arafat etc), Global Warming, the Green Movement and especially their current messiah . . . Barak Hussein Obama. He is an utterly charismatic speaker, courageous beyond measure, utterly iconoclastic and relentless against the ‘Court Stenographers’ who call themselves the mainstream media in the USA.

As long as the leftist-elite that control America are unable to silence his voice, there is a powerful, unofficial, conservative voice in America. In his wake have come the other democratic voices: Andrew Breitbart, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Fox News and many others).  Rush was pretty much alone 25 years ago.

The Tea Party represents the visible, grass-roots opposition since the official opposition (The Republican Party) has abdicated that role. In their love for America and her Judeo-Christian roots, these are the voices that also don the yellow star in a world hostile to the existence of a sovereign Jewish people.

[1]  “Obama tells Harvey Weinstein and Justin Timberlake to blame Rush Limbaugh”.

[2]  The Limbaugh theorem explains why on polling, the population has the opinion that the country is going in the wrong direction economically and in international affairs, but that President Obama is still high in his approval ratings and is not seen as the source of their dissatisfaction.

[3]  Chris Mattews famous “Thrill up my leg. . . .” statement upon seeing Barak and Michelle at the 2008 election victory. 


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First remove the Second Amendment, then the First Amendment; first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people . . . first you undermine the culture (family, morality, integrity and will-to-survive) then you bankrupt the economy (the consequences of cultural decline) with drug abuse, disease, pornography, poverty, violence, abortion, riot . . . then, when that nation is bankrupt, you defeat them militarily or through a-symmetrical terror; you invade, infiltrate, undermine and sabotage at every level: predictable and horrific.[1]

Once defenseless, that nation or people become de-facto ‘slaves’ as the rule of law is abandoned. They are the subjugated or de-legitimized populations of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union; the Kafir and Dhimmi of the Islamic Sharia Law, stripped of fundamental rights and freedoms . . . dominated by either their own (or foreign) authoritarian or totalitarian governments.

The Unholy Alliance[2] of the Left and Islam have apparently been given free reign in the election of Barak Hussein Obama. With Obama’s dismantling of America, there is no one left to fight them. GOD’s HAND of protection has been removed. It was there against the Kaiser, it was there against the Nazis and Imperial Japan; it was there to prevent a global Soviet Empire. But now the West has established in its own mind that GOD either does not exist of if HE does, we can do without HIM.

HIS HAND of protection appears to have been removed. Historically, there is a reason when that takes place.

Alas, sinful nation,
A people laden with iniquity,
A brood of evildoers,
Children who are corrupters!
They have forsaken the LORD,
They have provoked to anger
The Holy One of Israel,
They have turned away backward.

Isaiah 1:4 New King James Version

There is no truth or mercy
Or knowledge of God in the land.
2 By swearing and lying,
Killing and stealing and committing adultery,
They break all restraint,
With bloodshed upon bloodshed.
3 Therefore the land will mourn;
And everyone who dwells there will waste away
With the beasts of the field
And the birds of the air;
Even the fish of the sea will be taken away.

Hosea 4:1-3 New King James Version

Payday someday . . . we have been warned for 60 years . . . we have no one to blame but ourselves . . . and Israel stands alone . . . . . . . . . . . or does she?


[1] The Agenda: Grinding America Down
Palestinian celebration on 9/11
[2] David Horowitz.