THE HAPPY WARRIOR Part 5: Andrew Breitbart “The Media is Everything. . .”

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Hollywood, media, propaganda

THE HAPPY WARRIOR Part 5: Andrew Breitbart
“The Media is Everything. . .”

Andrew Breitbart’s book Righteous Indignation[1] tells the story of his redemption from a slacker, hard-drinking, ‘default-setting liberal’, Hollywood and University-propagandized soft-leftist, to an outraged conservative who ‘turned’ at the media-democrat ‘lynching’ of Clarence Thomas. It didn’t matter that Clarence Thomas was a highly-qualified, decent, upstanding, accomplished black man. He was conservative.

Breitbart is a tough-talking, take-no-prisoners, cultural warrior against the abortion-centred, gay-lifestyle-addicted, hard-left-propaganda-machine which he calls the Democrat-media complex. He is an articulate, hugely-entertaining speaker and is an artifact of the media revolution that began with Rush Limbaugh 25 years ago and went digital with Matt Drudge[2]. Andrew understood the power of the new media.

In this YouTube clip, he speaks to the basics.


The ramifications for Israel of the Democrat-media complex are well abstracted in this YouTube clip “. . . Obama empowers Islamist agenda against Israel. . .”[3]

For an erudite analysis of the history of the ‘true conservative’ Tea Party movement in America and the role of conservative media, please listen to this presentation in Los Angeles, 2011.[4]


[1] Righteous Indignation: Excuse me while I save the world. Grand Central Publishing. New York, 2011
[2] Please see:
[3]–g WARNING: colorful, non-blasphemous, street-language. It speaks of the place of conservative Christians in defense of Israel and represents the characteristic caustic wit he exercises against the unholy alliance. Please listen carefully. It is profound despite the raw colloquial expressions.
[4] WARNING: colorful, non-blasphemous, street-language . It has a very long lead-up of several minutes, and is a 56 minute clip that is well-worth careful scrutiny. Andrew’s untimely death is the subject of much controversy as was his life. He is roundly hated and defamed by the lame-stream media and the radical left propaganda-machine as are all the Happy Warriors who express caustic humour and outrage at what the left has done to America. His optimism seems unfounded in the light of the 2012 election, but demoralization of the opposition is a tactic of war and for the left, it is indeed a war on America, Israel and any Judeo-Christian influence on the culture.




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