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Bob Woodward, who relentlessly pursued the impeachment of President Richard Nixon, made the prudential judgment to rigorously pursue the ‘Sequester’ sins of Barack Hussein Obama, rather than the potentially impeachable Obama sins at Benghazi. This was wise.

Because we all know that the first black President cannot be impeached for anything he does.

But the Obama regime failures concerning the Boston Marathon terrorist attack are really not that important to Bob,  just as Benghazi was not that important to Bob. After all, during the 2012 Presidential Campaign (before Benghazi 9/11), President Obama told us that “ Al-Qaida is dead and GM is alive . . . “

Must be . . . I guess . . . if  he says it is . . . .



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Napolitano: US knew of Boston bomber Russia trip…


Janet Napolitano, Head of U.S. Homeland Security gives her brief to the Senate, engendering complete confidence in the citizenry of America that what happened at the Boston Marathon will be FULLY INVESTIGATED and (like President Barack Hussein Obama’s promise of the Benghazi incident[1]) the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

These 2 delightful, handsome, American, college-kid-suspect-refugees from Muslim Chechnya and their bomb (which cut an 8 year old boy to pieces, cut the leg off his sister and put their mother in critical brain surgery) had nothing to do with Islam. The bomb also injured another 220 Marathon celebrants at the finish line and killed an MIT policeman during another phase of the execution of the bombing. It was staged on Patriot-Day. I wonder if that means anything?

A mysterious Saudi citizen was present and was apprehended (injured and splattered with blood). The Saudi Ambassador received an un-scheduled audience with President Barak Hussein Obama and it was reported that he was no longer a ‘person of interest’ and was about to be flown back to Saudi Arabia. This plan got interrupted by the questions of GOP legislators.

But the whole incident has nothing to do with Islam. Put that contingency out of your mind.

These boys were ‘angels’ according to family members (one of them in med school) and of course as their Massachusetts teachers may have taught them : ‘the problem is America.’

“They were set up . . .”  . . . .  says another relative. They were allegedly the most popular kids in school and it really is insignificant that the competitive boxer of the 2,  beat his wife (which is allegedly a deportable offense under the current ‘feminist regime’) and yet he was not deported from the USA.

They are Russian-speaking, you know . . . Chechens you know . . . and it had nothing to do with Islam. It was no big deal that they went to Russia for 6 months in breach of their citizenship status and contacted radical Imams and the Russian intelligence service warned the US security services of their presence.

It is insignificant that they frequented radical Muslim websites, and made their own postings and music selections.

No . . . no . . . no . . . I know. It was George Bush’s fault . . . yeh. That’s it . . . ? . . . no . . . no . . . sorry . . . it was the Sequester . . . no no . . . sorry . . . probably Israel. Yeh that’s it . . . it was Israel. Maybe . . . global warming  . . . or The Tea Party . . . but it has nothing to do with Islam.

Please watch the Democrat-Media Complex news tonight, to see who is first to get the blame.

NOTE TO U.S. ADMINISTRATION: Read the surviving boy his Miranda Rights, to assure that the intelligence-gathering is interrupted, lawyer-him-up so he will never be accountable for his actions, be absolutely sure that he is not viewed as an ‘enemy combatant’ in the lapdog-media, let the talking heads agonize over how America, the NRA and conservative Talk Radio are at fault.

Then just wait. . . . . . . . for the next one. . . . . .


[1] The death in Benghazi Libya of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and 2 Navy Seal rescuers on 9/11- 2012 during the height of a US Presidential Campaign has never been properly investigated, nor the public informed. A huge embarrassment for President Obama, it has been screened by the mainstream media and buried by the Obama administration.


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This is what all the fuss is about. This land.

The ‘Kotel'(the Jerusalem Temple ‘Wailing Wall’)

But contrary to the state-sponsored and politically-managed media, it is not at all about real estate nor nationalism. Neither the Arab nor Ottoman Muslims were interested in Jerusalem and lived largely peacefully with permanent Jewish communities there, till Jews began returning in numbers because of the growing storm of persecution in Europe and ultimately the Holocaust. The slaughter of Jews became a ‘mission’ under Palestinian Nazi SS Reichsfeurer Haj Amin Al Husseini who shared the same goals as his Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler [1]. The Husseini ‘mantel has been passed to the PLO, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and HezboAllah. Oil and ideology have made this land the ‘cup of intoxication’ for the whole earth.

This fly-over video depicts the topography and geography of this beautiful land that was mostly rock, sand and malaria swamps till the Kibbutzim began to plant it and the British began generating the infrastructure and economic base that the Israelis have turned into an economic power-house.

But apart for international thirst for oil, the issue is not economics.

THIS . . . . . is REALLY what all the fuss is about . . . . .

Exodus 6:8
And I will bring you into the land concerning which I stretched out my hand to give it to Abraam and Isaac and Jacob, and I will give it you for an inheritance: I am the Lord.

1 Chronicles 16:14-18
He is the LORD our God; his judgments are in all the earth.
Be ye mindful always of his covenant; the word which he commanded to a thousand generations;
Even of the covenant which he made with Abraham, and of his oath unto Isaac;
And hath confirmed the same to Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant,
Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance

[blog author’s emphasis]

. . . . . . . . . . and most of the world wants to expunge these words from the historical record and deny the existence of the ONE who breathed them.



THE HAPPY WARRIOR Part 5: Andrew Breitbart
“The Media is Everything. . .”

Andrew Breitbart’s book Righteous Indignation[1] tells the story of his redemption from a slacker, hard-drinking, ‘default-setting liberal’, Hollywood and University-propagandized soft-leftist, to an outraged conservative who ‘turned’ at the media-democrat ‘lynching’ of Clarence Thomas. It didn’t matter that Clarence Thomas was a highly-qualified, decent, upstanding, accomplished black man. He was conservative.

Breitbart is a tough-talking, take-no-prisoners, cultural warrior against the abortion-centred, gay-lifestyle-addicted, hard-left-propaganda-machine which he calls the Democrat-media complex. He is an articulate, hugely-entertaining speaker and is an artifact of the media revolution that began with Rush Limbaugh 25 years ago and went digital with Matt Drudge[2]. Andrew understood the power of the new media.

In this YouTube clip, he speaks to the basics.


The ramifications for Israel of the Democrat-media complex are well abstracted in this YouTube clip “. . . Obama empowers Islamist agenda against Israel. . .”[3]

For an erudite analysis of the history of the ‘true conservative’ Tea Party movement in America and the role of conservative media, please listen to this presentation in Los Angeles, 2011.[4]


[1] Righteous Indignation: Excuse me while I save the world. Grand Central Publishing. New York, 2011
[2] Please see:
[3]–g WARNING: colorful, non-blasphemous, street-language. It speaks of the place of conservative Christians in defense of Israel and represents the characteristic caustic wit he exercises against the unholy alliance. Please listen carefully. It is profound despite the raw colloquial expressions.
[4] WARNING: colorful, non-blasphemous, street-language . It has a very long lead-up of several minutes, and is a 56 minute clip that is well-worth careful scrutiny. Andrew’s untimely death is the subject of much controversy as was his life. He is roundly hated and defamed by the lame-stream media and the radical left propaganda-machine as are all the Happy Warriors who express caustic humour and outrage at what the left has done to America. His optimism seems unfounded in the light of the 2012 election, but demoralization of the opposition is a tactic of war and for the left, it is indeed a war on America, Israel and any Judeo-Christian influence on the culture.



“IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE” Part 5: The Insane Society [1]

“As the striving for mental health is “inherent in every human being . . . Not born a moral idiot,” society must be such as to offer him a chance to assert his moral nature. The chance, as seen before, is offered by “socialism,” i.e. the mixed, co-determined and politically democratic welfare economy; provided, of course, it sheds itself of such qualities as “greed, competitiveness, possessiveness, narcissism,” and lets conscience rule. As “no change must be brought about by force,” and as it must be “simultaneous change in the economic, political and cultural spheres,” it must be brought about by moral education of the inherent morality, and is thus clearly the function of “humanistic psychoanalysis,” which, then, takes its place besides the great ethical and religious systems, asserting the supremacy of the spiritual over material values, and devoted to the dignity of men, so that we may — some day — sing, walk, and dance together.”

Patrick Mattick on Eric Fromm’s The Sane Society
Section VI, Western Socialist, Boston, USA, July-August, 1956

We can all rest easy, now that GOD has been removed from government, the courts, the schools and the public square, the law-abiding citizens are disarmed amidst violent infiltration by drug cartels, Islamist and leftist terrorists; and gay marriage is now officially sanctioned . . . Fromm’s socialist vision of the Sane Society is realized.

6-year-old boy suspended for pointing finger like a gun got off easy

Student Suspended For Pop-Tart Gun, Josh Welch, Files Appeal With Maryland County School System

Student at historic all-women’s college wants to stay at school after adding penis

College Student Suspended For Refusing To Stomp On Jesus – Glenn Beck Radio Show

. . . . . . . . . . . . The Sane Society . . . . .


[1] Eric Fromm, The Sane Society. 1956 attempted to wed Marxism and Psychoanalytic theory in a vision of a new socialist society that would be ’sane’ in comparison to the perceived ‘pathology’ of modern capitalist society.