SECRETARIAT OF TRUTH 2: Department of University Affairs

Posted: April 22, 2014 in media, propaganda

SECRETARIAT OF TRUTH 2: Department of University Affairs

The propaganda stool has 3 legs: The media, the university, and the Party. The Leftist-Media-University-Complex is (in concert with Jihadist Islam) the major ideological threat to democracy in the world today. But with the rise of a heavily armed China, Russia and nuclear Iran the propaganda war is largely academic. The political Left has completed its agenda in the west and now the dictatorships of the Unholy Alliance[1] will prevail. Based upon the successful propaganda campaign using our democratic rights, the dictatorships will fill the void left by the United States of America.   

This blogger was a useful idiot of Leftist U. and was in its ideological grip for the better part of eight years. Ten years later the ‘light came on. . .’ by the ‘new-school-of-everyday-life’ where he discovered that although they are a very necessary vector in the democratic political equation, “. . . the Left are never Right”.

[1] David Horowitz. The Unholy Alliance: radical Islam and the American left. Regnery Publishing Inc. Washington DC. 2004


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