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GALLERY OF HEROINES: Ayan Hirsi Ali, ex-Muslim under fatwa of death


Her colleague Theo van Gogh[1] has already been slaughtered with a fatwa spiked to his chest. So too was Van Gogh’s friend Pim Fortuyn[2], again by the Unholy Alliance of the left and supremacist Islam. Under constant security protection and having been harassed by allegations in (what used to be Dutch, democratic) Holland, she continues to speak out. Geert Wilders continues the battle on the Dutch home-front.

In light of this blog, remember the courageous Dutch who rescued Jews from the ‘Old Fascism’ in WWII. Van Gough, Fortuyn and Hirsi Ali are victims of the ‘New Fascism’ today.

Remember, the war in the middle east is not the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is the Muslim-Israeli conflict. Iranians are not Arab. The Berbers, Kurds, Druze and the Copts don’t want to exterminate Israel, but the Muslim Crusades tried to exterminate these people-groups who DO NOT hate Israel or the Jews.

Islamic supremacists are disproportionately represented in all the conflicts in the world today; more than all other people-groups combined.


[1] Theo van Gough killed by Moroccan-Dutch Muslim .

[2] Pim Fortuyn assassinated by Muslim Sympathizer . Its the ‘ religion of peace’ you know


SECRETARIAT OF TRUTH 2: Department of University Affairs

The propaganda stool has 3 legs: The media, the university, and the Party. The Leftist-Media-University-Complex is (in concert with Jihadist Islam) the major ideological threat to democracy in the world today. But with the rise of a heavily armed China, Russia and nuclear Iran the propaganda war is largely academic. The political Left has completed its agenda in the west and now the dictatorships of the Unholy Alliance[1] will prevail. Based upon the successful propaganda campaign using our democratic rights, the dictatorships will fill the void left by the United States of America.   

This blogger was a useful idiot of Leftist U. and was in its ideological grip for the better part of eight years. Ten years later the ‘light came on. . .’ by the ‘new-school-of-everyday-life’ where he discovered that although they are a very necessary vector in the democratic political equation, “. . . the Left are never Right”.

[1] David Horowitz. The Unholy Alliance: radical Islam and the American left. Regnery Publishing Inc. Washington DC. 2004

SECRETARIAT OF TRUTH 1: Department of Media Affairs

Wars are not only won or lost on the battle field, they are won or lost in the minds of populations. The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis), the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( the Jihadists) which runs the agenda of the United Nations,  have all realized that. The Republicans have not. The Tea Party has.

No war can be won without winning the propaganda war and the political left wing realized that in the 1950s and began their campaign to bring down America. [1]

In 2008 they succeeded[2]. Here is Media Department of their war room.

[1] Film The Agenda: Grinding America down.  full film available for  limited time . For Trailer please see :

[2] Dinesh D’Souza knew and is now under legal attack by The Party. This is his movie from 2012, telling us about what was going to be, by 2016. (trailer).

One Rocket Strike on Ben Gurion Airport ?

Video clip from David Bedein’s Behind the News in Israel


Often the line between stupidity and malice is blurred for those who have to bear the consequences of stupidity or malice.

After the 2008 IDF ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza in a unilateral “land-for-peace” deal (pushed of course by the US State Department, the UN and Europe) now the USA takes the sanctions-pressure off Iran by entering a new phase of  negotiations. Iran is providing the ordinance that is blowing up US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran has promised the destruction of the USA and Israel. Iran will soon have nukes. But it doesn’t need them to destroy Israel. The Bush and now Obama Administrations have seen to that. They have given Hamas and Iran the conventional weapons capability to destroy Israel. Please watch this clip.