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THE UNITED NATIONS . . .   Krauthammer Nails it: Negligence, Stupidity, Malice, Anti-Semitism . . . funded at taxpayer expense.


ACADEMIC BIGOTRY. . . . funded at taxpayer expense. . .

Fighting Back against the New Anti-Semitism
Throughout the academic and cultural world, the Israel boycott movement is growing.
By Charles Krauthammer

For decades, the American Studies Association has labored in well-deserved obscurity. No longer. It’s now made a name for itself by voting to boycott Israeli universities, accusing them of denying academic and human rights to Palestinians.

Given that Israel has a profoundly democratic political system, the freest press in the Middle East, a fiercely independent judiciary, and astonishing religious and racial diversity within its universities, including affirmative action for Arab students, the charge is rather strange.

Made more so when you consider the state of human rights in Israel’s neighborhood. As we speak, Syria’s government is dropping “barrel bombs” filled with nails, shrapnel, and other instruments of terror on its own cities. Where is the ASA boycott of Syria?

And of Iran, which hangs political, religious, and even sexual dissidents and has no academic freedom at all? Or Egypt, where Christians are being openly persecuted? Or Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or, for that matter, massively repressive China and Russia?

Which makes it obvious that the ASA boycott has nothing to do with human rights. It’s an exercise in radical chic, giving marginalized academics a frisson of pretend anti-colonialism, seasoned with a dose of edgy anti-Semitism…

Charles Krauthammer ends his warning that anti-Semitism is back with the solution . . . “Don the yellow star and wear it proudly.

You may read the rest of his article at the following link:!

DONNING THE YELLOW STAR . . . bringing you . . . “the New World Order. . . “


THEME OF ‘The Yellow Star’ Reviewed

ABSTRACT:  Christian X, King of Denmark and the people of Denmark saved their Jewish population during WWII, by Donning the Yellow Star (symbolically only) then proceeding to smuggle them to safety. No other nation in Europe rescued its entire Jewish population nor did the institutional Church . That was during the era of The Old Fascism. WWII set the stage for the re-birth of the nation of Israel and over the period of the Cold War, the New Fascism emerged as the Unholy Alliance of socialism (its roots in fact being fascist) . . . and Jihadist Islam. Atheistic socialism ‘found god’, and it was Allah. Like the old fascism, the newer, more malignant fascism seeks to subjugate and/or annihilate the Jews.  Just as in WWII, once again the Apostate church is complicit . There were individual exceptions in WWII and there is a tiny remnant of the church today that stands with Israel in this Age of Apostasy. This tiny remnant will don the yellow star just as the Danes did. And Jews and Christians together will march into the 21st Century with the cross-hairs of the Unholy Alliance on their backs.


Ramallah lynching and butchering of an Israeli Jew, year 2000. . . now an annual ritual amongst  Palestinians.[1]

Psalm 83

New International Version (NIV)

A song. A psalm of Asaph.

O God, do not remain silent;
do not turn a deaf ear,
do not stand aloof, O God.
See how your enemies growl,
how your foes rear their heads.
With cunning they conspire against your people;
they plot against those you cherish.
“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation,
so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”

This Donning the Yellow Star blog chronicles  the progress of The New Fascism as attendant Biblical prophesies unfold. . . .


A few nights before, the girl, who was about seventeen, had been found in the forest by Jews out foraging for food. The girl was bruised and bloody, and was wearing no clothes. She had been walking for two days. She had seen the Jews of Vilna killed in the forest of Ponar. . . The girl was taken to Jacob Gens. She told him she had seen the Jews of Vilna lined up and shot; she told him how she had escaped. . . . He did not believe her story. She was crazy. Very clearly. It was sad, but how could what she said be true ? No. He could not believe it. It threw into question his very sense of the world. Gens saw himself as a realist; like all other realists, he believed that man is motivated by self-interest. Killing the Jews of Vilna could not be in the self-interest of the Germans.

Rich Cohen. The Avengers. A Jewish War Story.
Vintage Books. New York 2001. pp. 38-39

The ‘realists’ in the White House and the Western European parliaments ‘know’ that the Muslim nations of the world are really motivated by self-interest and the wish to work for Microsoft. They know that the seed of freedom and democracy throbs in their breast and it could not possibly be in their interest to nuke Israel or destroy America. To them the alternative is unimaginable . . . to a rationalist, a secular humanist. It cannot be true. Unimaginable but true for Jacob Gens and for today’s foreign policy commissars.

The reason ? It was not self-interest that drove the Germans to the Holocaust nor Jihadists to the Apocalypse. It is ideology.

As the “Arab Spring” brings murder, torture, rape and expulsion to North Africa’s Christian communities and 1000 Palestinian terrorists flood onto the streets of Israel’s cities after the release of Gilad Shalit(1), the White House and its stenographers in the media celebrate the birth of democracy in the Middle East. The Unholy Alliance(2) (the Left and Islamic Jihad) has a proud history of persecuting Christians and Jews to the applause of their ‘bots’ in their various state-sponsored media so there is little new to report. But in the context of the ‘Yellow Star’ what questions does this raise for Christians and Jews and the organizations which represent them.

Well, for the newly ‘Chrislam’(3) evangelicals, trying to harmonize the Koran and the Bible, it is not much of an issue. We can simply become Muslims. Alternatively, for those who have decided that Islam is God’s Judgment on backslidden Jewry and the Christian Church, the task is largely to prepare oneself Spiritually for being “. . . lambs to the slaughter”(4). But is this Biblically the only legitimate course of action ? If so then ‘Donning the Yellow Star’ would mean joining the Jews in their walk to ‘the camps’.

Although nearly anathema as a topic of discussion in the Christian Church, the Biblical position or positions (i.e. the ‘Pacifist’ vs ‘Just War’ debate) should be raised now because when your brothers and sisters are being subjected to violence, persecution and discrimination, (as is the case in 1/3 of Christendom) that is not always the point at which prayerful, careful, reasoned, Biblically-founded conclusions can be drawn.(5) The Jews have been faced with this issue for 2000 years as have sub-groups of Christians but in North America and Western Europe we have been lulled to sleep by our media anesthesiologists in the era of relative peace, prosperity and stability.

None of us can imagine what it is like to live with those memories, those uncertainties, and the abject feeling of not having been able to save your family. Nothing replaces that kind of severed and truncated experience of loss.

James M. Glass. Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust:
Moral Uses of Violence and Will
Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire UK 2004. p. 5

But nothing has changed and everything has changed. Anti-Semitism has once again emerged to a psychotic level and spreading its toxic waste throughout the western world. For Christians (as Michael Horowitz pointed out), they represent the number one human rights issue of the late 20th and early 21st century.(6) But you wouldn’t know that to listen to the scribes of the state religion of Secular Humanism. And the auto-genocidal (read: “suicidal”) West accelerates drunkenly toward the Great [historical] Rift.

The opening quote of this piece speaks of the Nazi program of using rational, intelligent, cultured, pragmatic Jews to administer and control the ghettos. It was masterful. They were men inured in the concepts of science, administration, art, technology, rationalism, realism, progress and the decency of the common man. They were Humanists. The Nazis made them Chiefs of Police or chairs of the Jewish Councils. They were men who often worked day and night to find ways to negotiate with the Nazis to save their people, keep the ghettos fed and to manage the slave-force required by them. They were also responsible for arranging the selection and recruitment of large numbers of Jews for transport on the trains to receive ‘food and work’. That is NOT where they were going. They believed in social self-interest. They believed the Germans were rational and incapable of the atrocities they were being accused of. They were wrong.

Thus their realism and rationalism was used against them and served only to assist in the control, oppression, neutralization and ultimate extermination of the Jewish people.

Bielski Partisans

The partisans knew what was happening and at risk to their lives, entered the ghettos to convince the Judenrat (7) that the Nazi programs were based on a plan to exterminate them, not to just re-locate them or use them for labour in the war effort.

It is no different today. Those in the Jewish community (such as Arutz Cheva 7)(8) and its hosts and guests (like David Bedein, Jay Shapiro, previously Tovia Singer) warn the Israeli Jews and the Diaspora as to what is planned for them. They are labeled ‘right-wing’ and ‘fanatics’ and ‘extremists’ and the warnings go unheeded by a population weary of fighting. But there are those in the conservative think-tanks who bother to do the research, acquire and read the Hamas and Fatah Covenants and the European-funded Palestinian textbooks to see what their enemies have in store for them and uncover the hate-mongering that is the Palestinian education system.(9)

They confront the ‘realists’ in the Israeli left who would disarm and appease and give away land-for-peace. . .who say. . . “that’s not possible. . . they (Fatah and Hamas) don’t really mean it, it is just a bargaining position. . . its really all our fault because we are seen as an occupying force. . . “

In so many ways it seems a perfect parallel with the partisans who were warning the Judenrat of the dimensions of the Holocaust and facing the ghetto Jews with a very difficult option: die in the ghetto, in the camps (virtually inevitable) or risk dying while fighting in the forests as free people.

With the Unholy Alliance propaganda-machine’s demonization, de-legitimization and imposition of double-standards upon the Jewish state (all established pre-cursors to genocide) Jews are once again faced with the same dilemma.

To be continued. . .


(2) David Horowitz. Unholy Alliance Radical Islam and the American Left. Regnery. Washington DC. 2004
(5) In Kenneth Scott Latourette’s A History of Christianity he reports how theological debate is mostly arrested in times of persecution because unity in thought and action is a fundamental necessity.
(6) 150,000 Christians per year are martyred to the deafening ‘sound of silence’
See also Paul Marshall. Their Blood Cries Out. Word Publishing. Dallas 1997

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves:
be ye therefore wise as serpents,
and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16


The Christian Left and Church Complicity
in the New Fascism


The Last Man Standing

Isa 11:12 And he shall set up an ensign for the nations and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

Isaiah 17:13 The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.
14 And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.

Leftists in Evangelical garb[1] are the pre-military ‘spoilers’ of Isaiah 17:14. The christian left have become the ‘useful idiots’ of Fatah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. This I do not say lightly because it grieves my heart that it is so, and especially in light of the disgusting church complicity in the last Holocaust.[2]

While at a Q & A meet-and-greet session after a conference, one affiliate of a Christian ministry boasted of having been housed for several days with a Fatah police Colonel. He spoke of what a gracious host the Colonel proved to be.[3] Just this last week we heard of the murder of Ben Yosef Livnat – unarmed and shot at point-blank range by a PA soldier as Livnat departed the synagogue at Joseph’s tomb in Shechem during Passover. The lame-stream media found it unworthy of coverage.

The issue of the content of the Fatah Charter, the Hamas Covenant and the deeds of sadistic terror these organizations have performed routinely against innocent Jewish and Christian men, women and children are of little concern to these Christian champions-of-the-oppressed. They are also little concerned about the 2000 year history of pogroms against the Jews and the consistent instigation by either church or Jihadists. They are little concerned that their leftist and Muslim allies’ demonization, de-legitimization and double-standards have proven historically to be a prelude to attempted extermination. They are unconcerned that this time it is virtually a global phenomenon. The incitement rhetoric contained in the Arab-Palestinian schoolbooks, the existential threat of nuclear attack breathed out by Iran and informally ratified by Fatah and Hamas, are seldom mentioned, or passively decried. But they will stand with the ‘genocidals’ till the splatter of Jewish blood against the walls finally embarrasses them. To date it has not.

Hundreds of examples including the disgusting slaughter of Tali Hatuel and her 4 little girls and a baby boy in her womb (allegedly deemed by Amnesty International to be a crime against humanity)[4] in pre-Hamas Gaza; the butchering of the Fogel family in Ithamar just recently (including the stabbing death of a 4 month old baby) are selectively deleted. Apparently not enough. Christian-Arab apologists for the slaughter toe the Fatah/Hamas party line: “for every Jewish child killed we can state 10 Palestinian children killed by Israelis” (without evidence; without reference to the countless retractions of alleged Israeli atrocities).

The holocaust began with WORDS. The progressive demonization and isolation of the Jewish people[5] was followed by the removal of their civil and human rights. It could not have happened without the brilliant, systematized Nazi propaganda machine of Joseph Goebbels. It is happening again in the global media and at the very institution set up to prevent further war and genocide: the United Nations.[6] Christians are once again accomplices but this time not by silence, but by active participation.

Hitler told Europe what he intended to do. No one believed him.


Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Ayatollahs have told us what they intend to do. No one believes them.


Hitler used the evangelical Christians of Germany from 1924 till the holocaust as dupes in his extermination program. It’s happening again.

King Christian X of Denmark wearing the 'yellow star'

For Christians by becoming good, liberation activists, they avoid persecution by their Israel-hating comrades. The theological rationale is un-Biblical.[7] The Christian left and their allies the anarchists, communists and Muslim activists hate the so-called Christian-Zionist more than they hate Israel. What the ‘wise-as-doves’ left don’t seem to realize is that their allies-of-convenience hate them as well. In their naïve utopian dreamland, if the ‘Christian-right’ abandoned Israel and they were no longer capable of self-defense there would be peace in the Middle East. But they should look to their deceased Socialist-International member and past Prime Minister of Israel – Golda Meir to set them straight as to what would be the consequence of an insecure Israel. As the tragic truth is stated: “If the Arabs lay down their arms there will be peace in the Middle East. If Israel lays down her arms, there will be no more Israel in the Middle East”.

. . . it may seem strange that any professed Christian should enter a protest against the modern pacifist movement. . . We believe however, that that movement is dangerous, and that it has no necessary or legitimate part in the evangelical Christian program (pp. 10,11)

Earlier in the pages he states: We desire peace, but we realize there are some things worse than war. We desire peace, but not the kind that is found in the cemetery or in the slave camp.[8] Loraine Boettner

Neville Chamberlain’s foreign policy (appeasement) is alive and well today. It worked so well with Czecholsavakia in 1938 that it is the predominant approach of the liberal democracies of the West. The outcome will be the same as it was in Europe in the ‘30’s: war, and just as in that war the Christian peaceniks will aid and abet.

When one state for example, unjustly wages war on another, resistance on the part of the state which is the victim of aggression is nothing more than the application of the same principle. . . [earlier mentioned Rom. 13:4-6; 1Peter 2:14]. . . To plead pacifism or non-resistance under such conditions is to annul the New Testament teaching that the civil magistrate is sent by the Lord to punish and suppress evildoing and to maintain the order of justice and well-doing, and peace.” [9] John Murray

But western abortion-loving, pornography-consuming, morally-relative, multi-cultural liberalism is auto-genocidal.[10] Christians are supposed to know better than to ‘drink the Kool-Aid’.

The Islamist ‘fifth column’ has thoroughly infiltrated Western Europe and North America. Their allies are now spreading THE LIE in the heresy-ridden Western church. We are repeating 1937-39 as though it never happened.

In the build-up to the next Holocaust, the Christian-left are indeed; “. . . wise as doves and innocent as serpents. . .” In allying with the enemies of God’s people (Jew and Gentile) they are knowingly or unknowingly serving the purpose of ‘the serpent’. ‘We’ are without excuse.

people of Copenhagen, Denmark, wearing the 'yellow star'

THE LAST MAN STANDING: uniquely demonized, delegitimized and subject to gross double-standards by the most powerful nations and institutions in the world: continuously attacked by their neighbours, boycotted by so-called ‘charitable institutions and subjected to public threats of extermination by the world’s ‘peace-keeping’ body; no other nation on earth (including brutal, genocidal, totalitarian dictatorships) are subject to such orchestrated derision.

We of the ‘yellow star’ stand also with those courageous, persecuted Arab believers who love the Jews as Christ told us to love them. We ‘Jew-lovers’ Arab and non-Arab will stand alone, even in the so-called ‘church’.

As a high school student in the 1960s I saw the textbook coverage of the Holocaust in stark, horrifying black-and-white, photos. It is significant that they are no longer shown in high school textbooks. The change of world view which has shifted toward a leftist re-write of history has paved the road for the new anti-Semitism. It is not a coincidence that photos of the holocaust have been removed: after all they might ‘offend. . . ‘

As I gazed upon those photographs in 1964 I asked myself what I would have done in such circumstances. I believe I’ll have the chance to find out.

Mass graves at Bergen Belsen concentration camp, 1945.


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[3] This was a prominent, gentle and lovely Christian man in a celebrated ministry who became very irate when (referring to the sentiments of Fatah) I stated: “Not even the Nazis blew up their own children to kill Jews. . . “

[4] See category ‘external links’ on

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First picture: dove on the wailing wall in Jerusalem

Second and third pictures: portrait of King Christian X of Denmark wearing the tailored ‘yellow star’ complete with his signature, the people of Copenhagen wearing the star in response to the King; Deedy and Sorensen The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark. Peachtree Publishing Atlanta, 2000

Last image: photo of mass graves at Bergen Belsen concentration camp, 1945.

The story goes that the King of Denmark (during the Nazi occupation of his country) was told of Jews in occupied Europe being required to wear a yellow Mogen David with the inscription ‘Juden’ on it. In response he is said to have put a yellow star arm-band on his uniform as he took his daily horse-ride through the streets of Copenhagen. Then the whole population of Copenhagen donned the yellow star and the Jews of Denmark were saved from being shipped to the extermination camps.

It didn’t happen! But something much better DID happen.

It is a well-known fact that if the Christians of occupied Europe had donned the yellow star, the holocaust could not have taken place: they didn’t and the holocaust did.

What’s happening in the modern world is an escalation of propaganda promising the next genocide against the Jews: it is already at the ‘3-Ds’ phase (delegitimization, demonization and double-standard). It has only been 60 years.

This time the target is embodied in the existence of the Jewish State: Israel.

What did happen in Denmark was that the Legend became more effective than the act it portrayed in that the Danish people began actively smuggling the Jews out of the country [1] and thus spared most from the horrors of the death camps.

“. . . To me, the truth is an even greater honor for our country than the myth.”

Quote from: Danish Queen Margrethe II in the book: Queen in Denmark by Anne Wolden-Ræthinge

In the new propaganda blitz against Israel, the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is enlisted as a symbol for the Palestinian ‘liberation’.

But as Dr. King stated in his “Letter to an Anti-Zionist Friend,” Saturday Review_XLVII (Aug. 1967), p. 76.

“And what is anti-Zionist? It is the denial to the Jewish people of a fundamental right that we justly claim for the people of Africa and freely accord all other nations of the Globe. It is discrimination against Jews, my friend, because they are Jews. In short, it is antisemitism.

Reprinted in M.L. King Jr., “This I Believe:
Selections from the Writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

This log is written to encourage all our Christian bothers and sisters to ‘don the yellow star’ in order to prevent the impending holocaust and right a tragic, historic wrong.


[1] See: The Danish Solution: The Rescue of the Jews in Denmark

Roger Brian Neill BA, MA, RSW

The Christian Response to the Intended
Genocide against the Jews

“For thus saith the LORD of hosts;
After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled
you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.”

Zechariah 2:8

Adolph Hitler made perfectly clear in Mein Kampf (‘My Struggle’) what his intentions were toward the Jews. The world either didn’t believe him, didn’t care or agreed with him.

He executed his plan and few interfered.

Radical Islam today is expressing the same intentions in their Jihad (‘Our Struggle’) websites with their armies using the same ‘sieg heil’ salute, using the same Nazi propaganda cartoons while voicing the same (and new) deceitful blood-libel accusations against Israel and international Jewry. [1]

Much more tragically than simply ‘not interfering’ in radical Islam’s program, the mainstream international media, international left-wing organizations, the United Nations and the European Union are aiding and abetting the process by demonizing, de-legitimizing and applying double-standards to the Jewish state: the so-called three ‘d’s of pre-genocidal propaganda. [2]

The world’s most successful terrorist (at the time) Yasser Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize, and was given the special honour of carrying a side arm holster into the General Assembly of the United Nations – a privilege awarded no other international leader. [3] Then Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad promises to erase the State of Israel (a UN member nation) off the map in a nuclear attack and then gets to address the General Assembly of the UN and appear on Larry King Live.

The hypocrisy of the institutions of the so-called ‘international community’ (with a few notable exceptions) drips like exudate from a lanced abscess as Israel’s neighbours arm for the next ‘final solution’.

The left-wing and right-wing anti-Semite christian church have joined the cacophony of condemnatory voices based upon the widespread teaching of the heresy known as ‘Supercessionism’ (AKA Replacement Theology). It represents anywhere from 75-85% of the mainstream christian denominations. It is Biblically indefensible and will pave the next “. . . Road to Holocaust” . . . as it paved the last. [4]

But we Christians who believe the Bible as “. . . God saying what HE means and meaning what HE says. . . “ (Chuck Missler) are condemned already. The Globalist think-tanks see us as a barrier to peace and global governance as well as a sovereign, armed, Jewish state of Israel, able and willing to defend itself.

Thus our destinies (Christians and the Jewish people) are intertwined. Christians today have a unique opportunity to redress our obscene complicity in the Nazi Holocaust and 1700 earlier years of pogroms against the Jewish people. We face the same extermination by a dominant radical Islam, that they do: Arafat’s declaration in Arabic:

‘. . . first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people. . . ‘

By ‘donning the yellow star’ symbolically in our actions we share the honour of the heroic Danish people of the 1940s (as opposed to the modern capitulating Danes), we honour God’s special role for HIS people, and stand against the culture-of-death manifest in fascism-of-the-left, fascism-of-the-right and their modern alliance with the radical Islamic fascism of this post-Christian era.

Gen 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.


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