Donning the Yellow Star: The Christian Response to the Intended Genocide against Israel

King of Denmark

The story goes that the King of Denmark (during the Nazi occupation of his country) was told of Jews in occupied Europe being required to wear a yellow Mogen David with the inscription ‘Juden’ on it. In response he is said to have put a yellow star arm-band on his uniform as he took his daily horse-ride through the streets of Copenhagen. Then the whole population of Copenhagen donned the yellow star and the Jews of Denmark were saved from being shipped to the extermination camps.

It didn’t happen! But something much better DID happen.

It is a well-known fact that if the Christians of occupied Europe had donned the yellow star, the holocaust could not have taken place: they didn’t and the holocaust did.

What’s happening in the modern world is an escalation of propaganda promising the next genocide against the Jews: it is already at the ‘3-Ds’ phase (delegitimization, demonization and double-standard). It has only been 60 years.

This time the target is embodied in the existence of the Jewish State: Israel.

What did happen in Denmark was that the Legend became more effective than the act it portrayed in that the Danish people began actively smuggling the Jews [1] out of the country and thus spared most from the horrors of the death camps.

“. . . To me, the truth is an even greater honor for our country than the myth.”

Quote from: Danish Queen Margrethe II in the book: Queen in Denmark by Anne Wolden-Ræthinge

In the new propaganda blitz against Israel, the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is enlisted as a symbol for the Palestinian ‘liberation’.

But as Dr. King stated in his “Letter to an Anti-Zionist Friend,” Saturday Review_XLVII (Aug. 1967), p. 76.

“And what is anti-Zionist? It is the denial to the Jewish people of a fundamental right that we justly claim for the people of Africa and freely accord all other nations of the Globe. It is discrimination against Jews, my friend, because they are Jews. In short, it is antisemitism.

Reprinted in M.L. King Jr., “This I Believe:
Selections from the Writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

This log is written to encourage all our Christian bothers and sisters to ‘don the yellow star’ in order to prevent the impending holocaust and right a tragic, historic wrong.


[1] See: The Danish Solution: The Rescue of the Jews in Denmark

Roger Brian Neill BA, MA, RSW

  1. Jack says:

    I like it. Jack Bordan

  2. Roger Neill says:

    The following is a comment sent by e-mail from a friend.

    Hi Roger,
    I agree with you about the state of the world’s ignorance (read that ignore-ance) of the present and ever-growing antisemitism; particularly in the face of the world embracing Islam in the name of political correctness and not wanting to offend!
    Take care and God Bless,

  3. Liv says:

    This is so interesting! GOD bless the Danish King!

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