THE HAPPIEST WARRIOR: Rush Limbaugh. . .

Posted: June 11, 2013 in democracy, free speech, media, propaganda

THE HAPPIEST WARRIOR: Rush Limbaugh. . .

For 25 years the man at the top of the American left’s enemies list’ has been the famous Rush Limbaugh. And the more they talk of shutting him down, the more popular he gets. The more lies they tell about him, the more marketing they do on his behalf.

President, Barak Hussein Obama is reported to have said at to his Hollywood compatriots that the reason he could not get his agendas through congress is because of Rush Limbaugh.[1]

Please watch this video clip of Rush Limbaugh on the Jay Leno show:

The problem with Rush is that he is nearly always right. The reason is that he is usually the first to see through the smoke screen of propaganda put up by the leftist elite in America and is thereby best in predicting ultimate outcomes. He is truly an analytic genius  (witness the Limbaugh Theorem). [2] He draws the visceral hatred of ‘Obama-gasm’s’[3] Chris Matthews and the Democrat  Party’s ‘Ministry of Propaganda (MSNBC) because he is not university educated, came from humble yet dignified patriotic beginnings, has accumulated a fortune and is unapologetic about it. He slaughters all the sacred cows of the leftist propaganda machines, victim-ology, open borders,  anti-capitalism, the leftist-dictator-icons (Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Chinese Communism, Yasser Arafat etc), Global Warming, the Green Movement and especially their current messiah . . . Barak Hussein Obama. He is an utterly charismatic speaker, courageous beyond measure, utterly iconoclastic and relentless against the ‘Court Stenographers’ who call themselves the mainstream media in the USA.

As long as the leftist-elite that control America are unable to silence his voice, there is a powerful, unofficial, conservative voice in America. In his wake have come the other democratic voices: Andrew Breitbart, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Fox News and many others).  Rush was pretty much alone 25 years ago.

The Tea Party represents the visible, grass-roots opposition since the official opposition (The Republican Party) has abdicated that role. In their love for America and her Judeo-Christian roots, these are the voices that also don the yellow star in a world hostile to the existence of a sovereign Jewish people.

[1]  “Obama tells Harvey Weinstein and Justin Timberlake to blame Rush Limbaugh”.

[2]  The Limbaugh theorem explains why on polling, the population has the opinion that the country is going in the wrong direction economically and in international affairs, but that President Obama is still high in his approval ratings and is not seen as the source of their dissatisfaction.

[3]  Chris Mattews famous “Thrill up my leg. . . .” statement upon seeing Barak and Michelle at the 2008 election victory. 

  1. Stephanie Diamond says:

    I love reading your pages. The info, the style, the approach . . .is so refreshing.

  2. Barb Churcher says:

    Roger – Thanks for introducing us to Rush Limbaugh – another warrior for the TRUTH. And thanks for all the great information you are relaying to us; I appreciate this summarizing.
    Barb Churcher

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