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SECRETARIAT OF TRUTH 3: Hollywood: the third leg of the left’s propaganda machine


Ben Shapiro on OTJ. . . the history of Hollywood’s metamorphosis into social engineering. . .  this is a wonderfully detailed account of the evidence so if you watch cable or go to movies, please listen carefully.




BUT . . . SOMETIMES YA JUST GOTTA LAUGH . . . (or else go crazy)


You have likely not seen any of these clips on CNNABCCBSMSNBCNBC, but imagine for a minute whether or not you might have seen them if they had been performed by George W. Bush during his presidency.


The Pope in Israel


As Christians are slaughtered all over North Africa and the Middle East and the western media buries it,[i] as Russia makes its initial moves to capture Europe[ii], and all President Obama does is contribute significantly to global warming. . . . the pope warmly hugs the man who arranged the financing for the PLO slaughter of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich , 1972 (Mahmoud Abbas). Abbas was the right-hand man of the world’s most successful terrorist, Yasser Arafat and Pope Francis dubbed Abbas a ‘man of peace’. Yasser Arafat was the Clinton Whitehouse most frequent visitor. [iii]

Then Amidst a ‘religiously cleansed’ Bethlehem after the PLO take-over (3/4 Bethlehem Christians now live abroad), the Pope celebrates with the ‘faithful Catholic’ remnant in Bethlehem while Jesus is depicted on a mural wrapped in a Kafiyah. These Christians support the PLO cause or else they would be driven out.

Then the Jesuit Pope puts his imprimatur on the propaganda lies of the so-called ‘Wall of Apartheid’ by praying on a graffiti-covered defense wall that has saved the lives of 100s of Jews by preventing the constant reign of PLO sniper fire and suicide bombings where Palestinian activissts encourage their children to blow themselves up in order to kill Jews.

Pope Francis then warmly shakes hands with the successor of Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Arab Reichsfeurer of the Balkan SS who stated clearly: “kill the Jews wherever you find them” .

This current Grand Mufti had launched on a genocidal anti-Semitic rant in Arabic in January, 2012.[iv] His predecessor Al Husseini had orchestrated the most brutal SS divisions in WWII in Yugoslavia and was co-architect with Adolf Eichmann of the Final Solution in Europe with full blessing of Hitler to institute The Final Solution in the Muslim Middle East.

Pope Francis then warmly met and touched the forehead of Israeli leftist President, Shimon Peres. The triangle is complete, all three legs of the stool : the apostate church, terrorist Islam and the political left.


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MEANWHILE BACK IN THE USSR (United States Socialist Republic) President Obama responds. . .