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“. . . It may be politically shrewd to give domestic policy, as it affects an economy just beginning to recover from recession, a higher priority than foreign policy. But the collapse of Boris Yeltsin’s pro-Western, democratic Russian Government would have a far greater impact on the American economy than anything the new Administration could do at home. . . . The Yeltsin Government is in mortal danger. The National Salvation Front, an unholy alliance of ex-Communists and ultra-nationalists, have boldly demanded Boris Yeltsin’s resignation, a return to authoritarian rule and the restoration of the Soviet Union within its 1991 borders. That would be a prescription for the beginning of cold war II. . . . The peace dividend, which the Clinton Administration is counting on to help finance its new domestic policies, will be down the tube. Instead of cutting the defence budget, it will be necessary to increase defense spending by billions of dollars.”

Save the Peace Dividend
By Richard Nixon; Published: November 19, 1992 New York Times Archives


THE CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST I: Ritual Sacrifice of ‘Infidels’ by US supported Muslim Rebels in Syria

Please listen to every word as though your life depended on it. It may. . .


The ‘unholy alliance’ of the political left and the Jihadis, hates Christians and Jews. Their respective genocidal and brutally oppressive histories confirm this fact. That is why the US state-sponsored-media and State Department under the Obama administration are unconcerned with the holocaust against Christians that is taking place in the Middle-East and North Africa as we speak. It is a direct consequence of US Foreign Policy related to the so-called ‘Arab spring’.

Concurrently they are trying to undermine Israel’s capacity to defend itself against neighbors with genocidal intent, by turning Israel back to the 1967 borders. The Israeli conservatives call these the ‘Auschwitz borders’.

Christians and Jews . . . quoting Psalm 44:22

As it is written: “For Your sake we are killed all day long; We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” Romans 8:36

Christians and Jews . . . and whose newspapers cover it? Israeli . . . [1]

The slaughter in Syria that is being conducted by US-supported rebels (FSA and DASH), is pagan-ritual human sacrifice. It took an ex-Muslim, ex-terrorist, Palestinian Christian to bother uncovering it.

By Michael Horowitz’ 1990’s reckoning of 400 martyrs per day, the Christian church is by now approaching the 3,000,000 mark in it’s latest holocaust. Christians and Jews . . . .

[1] Arutz Sheva




Zeba Khan speaks for moderate Muslims in nations that are not controlled by theocratic radicals or dictatorships. She had to defect to the West to live this way and could not in most Muslim countries. She calls herself a Muslim but does not believe the core teachings of the Koran. When the radical Jihadists come to power in any nation where she lives, she is the first to have the crosshairs on her back, then it is the Jews, then the Christians. She can only live this way and have these beliefs because she lives in a country who until now has been governed by Judeo-Christian ethics and a constitutional democracy. This belies the proposition that Islam is a religion of peace.

Ayan Hirsi Ali is under death threat from those Muslims who were raised like Zeba Khan but believed the teachings of the Koran and the Hadiths. She was subject to genital mutilation forced into marriage by the religion of peace. Christians and Jews are not subject to forced marriages or female circumcision and those who apostatize from the faith do not face a legal ruling of death. In Saudi Arabia (a ‘moderate’ Muslim nation, they do). She identifies the blocks to ideological compromise in Islam: Mohammad’s 65 military campaigns, commands to subjugate or kill and bring the world to its knees under Islam, its entitled-victimhood role and its absolutism. Scholarly debate on Islam only happens in the west. This belies the proposition that Islam is a religion of peace.

Maajid Nawaz was a Muslim terrorist who converted under torture to moderate Islam. His story is compelling but atypical. The typical example in Islam and especially the Arab Muslim world is that Muslim-on-Muslim violence is predominant over Muslim-non-Muslim violence. The wars of Apostasy-Sunni-Shia-Salafi—Ismailis-secular-Sikh-India-Paksitan conflicts all paint a very different picture from the depiction of a peaceful Islam. This (as well as Mohammad’s demand for supremacy), belies the proposition that Islam is a religion of peace. Nawaz’s issue is a good one though. If Islam is a religion of peace, why do the radicals rule and why must the Western democracies be the ones that bring them to justice. There are indeed peaceful Muslims but these factors belie the proposition that Islam is a religion of peace.

Douglas Murray states simply that the facts belie the proposition that Islam is a religion of peace.  PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY TO HIS ARGUMENTS. A BRILLIANT SUMMARY OF “THE REALITY OF ISLAM vs HOPE FOR A PEACEFUL ISLAM SOMEDAY.


GALLERY OF HEROES: Geert Wilders marked for death by the religion of peace.

“. . . This is why I believe that we should be in full support of the state of Israel. Israel is not only surrounded by people, by countries that . . . at the end of the day because of the Islamic doctrines, want to have Israel removed from the planet, Israel is also a brother to us when it comes to sharing the values that we have and I believe that parents in America and Europe can sleep easily at night  because Israeli parents are lying awake worrying about the safety of their sons. The border of Jihad . . . the border between the West and the barbarism of the East . . . of Islam is the border between Israel and the Arab countries.”