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THE THIRD LEG OF THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE: The Apostate Church of ‘Chrislam’


If you are not a first-time reader you know the theme of this blog is the ‘New Fascism’, and it’s determination to once again destroy the Jews. The process began in the Biblical book of ‘the Beginnings’: . . . . Genesis.

The New Fascism is not really ‘new’ but merely the old Fascism in its latest costume. Its current garb is the Unholy Alliance[i] of THE POLITICAL LEFT, THE JIHAD AND THE APOSTATE CHURCH.

This malignant third party to the Unholy Alliance is analyzed in Eric Barger’s The Deception of Chrislam (TAKE A STAND MINISTRIES, 2011). Naïve, Bible-illiterate Christians hungry for peace-at-any-cost will embrace it and it’s blasphemies against THE CHRIST.

The Koran is a war document. It is unqualifiedly a declaration of Jihad on all infidels till Sharia Law prevails globally. Its history is a bloodbath which took the lives of 270 million souls in order to achieve that very purpose since the seventh century. It only ceases seeking Islamic supremacy when it is unqualifiedly defeated.

It seeks its global Caliphate once again and ISIS (ISL) is its latest iteration. Brutal beyond measure just as Mohammad proved himself to be.

Chrislam represents the latest Gnostic-heresy intrusion into the Church [ii]. . . meant to serve as Islam’s theological apologist till the Church bows the knee to Allah.


[i] David Horowitz coined the term in his book of the same name (subtitled Radical Islam and the American Left Regnery Publishing inc. 2004) but for this blog it refers to a tri-partite alliance.

[ii] The book of Colossians was written to address the first century Gnostic intrusions into the church and the theology which counteracts them. The Bible’s theme is THE CHRIST PLUS NOTHING. He alone is redemption.


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HAMAS: “Freedom Fighters [i] ”; “Humanitarian Organization [ii] ”. . . . .



The ‘suspected’ collaborators were executed outside the Mosque as worshippers looked on. Imagine having a public execution in the parking lot of your church or synagogue before you go in to service.

“. . . all the same god they say . . .”

Many in Hamas and PLO enclaves are accused of collaboration just because they are Christian. They are an easy scapegoat and accusation of collaboration becomes the method of making the communities Christian-free [kind of like the Nazis who wanted Jew-Free].

[i] The debate:

[ii] Qataris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi


Posted: August 25, 2014 in Islam, Israel, unholy alliance

CHICAGO! It escalates from here. . . till Sharia Law, then protests will not be allowed. It will be very peaceful.

      Notice that the Israeli protesters are removed, the Unholy Alliance protestors are not . . . balance in the Multi-Cultural paradise . . . President Obama’s town. It appears the loudest and most violent, win.


Posted: August 19, 2014 in fascism, Islam, unholy alliance

FASCISM IN CANADA! Canadians beat up by Unholy Alliance activists . . . police absent outside Calgary City Hall. . .

 This is a de-facto capitulation by police and municipal authorities to the fascist, racist cause. The first shot has been fired and we now know who is in charge. Listen to every word as though your life (as you know it) is at stake. Because it is ! Welcome to Muslim Canada where the rule of law no longer exists.