Posted: June 4, 2013 in democracy, Islam, Israel, media, propaganda, White House

Better a Predictable Enemy than an Unreliable Friend. . . .

The Israeli Intelligence services knew what was happening in Benghazi and that Ambassador Chris Stevens was informing his State Department of the imminent threat.  They knew (as did Ambassador Chris Stevens) that Ansar Al Sharia (an affiliate of Al Qaida) was flooding the region and arming heavily because of the arms caches that the US had accumulated. They also knew what was likely to  happen on 9/11 but the Obama Administration didn’t want to know because it was an election year and Obama had declared Al Qaida neutralized as part of his election rhetoric. It didn’t fit the political narrative.

Chris Stevens and his team were the sacrificial lambs to the President’s election bid but Navy Seal Ty Woods refused to stand down (as ordered) as did the Naval Task commander who was relieved of duty and career. Ty Woods and his team member Glen Doherty were relieved of life.  They “painted the target” which was a mortar emplacement that was attacking them and the people they had rescued, but by so doing gave away their position. Ty and Glem were expecting air support (Spectre) and it never came. [1]

Then the Obama Regime went on a propaganda tour blaming a video (Barak Hussein Obama, UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) that no one had seen and ‘spontaneous demonstrations’ that had never happened.

Don’t expect justice . . .

Then on the Boston Bombing, Israeli intelligence knew that those cute Chechen Muslim boys were in contract with radical Muslim terrorist organizations and being allowed in and out of Russia by the American intelligence agencies. This was despite the fact that their parents were declared persecuted refugees from those nations, and should be in danger for their lives were they to return. America was about to get stung by double-agents-gone bad and the American population might pay a serious price . . . and they did. [2]

[Warning : raw footage]

But relations with the Obama Administration are not exactly smooth since President Obama recommended that Israel go back to its pre-’67 borders despite the fact that those borders were won in a war of extermination against Israel (that failed miserably) and the acquired borders are necessary for Israeli sovereignty and security. That Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahoo has been repeatedly humiliated by the Obama Administration including being kept waiting for 90 minutes in Israel by Vice President Joe Biden and Netanyahoo forced into a back door entrance to the Whitehouse upon a visit to Washington.

President Obama refused to speak to the Israeli Knesset when in Israel this year and gave the Palestinian Authority (spectacularly corrupt and in regular violation of the human rights of its own citizens) equal time to the Israeli national democratic government. [3]

Further, American Jews still voted overwhelmingly to re-elect Barak Hussein Obama in November 2012 though they knew his sympathies and diplomatic record with respect to Israel. They also knew that prominent Jewish media executives and Hollywood refuse to present Israel in a positive light and the print media continues its relentless leftist-propaganda campaign in favour of Islam and against Israel.

President Jimmy Carter (Dem) was and remains clearly anti-Israel, President Bill Clinton (Dem) sold them out to the Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning terrorist Yasser Arafat on the Whitehouse lawn and now President Barak Hussein Obama (Dem) sells them out to un-just and indefensible borders.

With the inevitable One-Party system that US  immigration amnesty will bring and given this record of the Dem-Media Complex against Israel they can only say: “Better the Devil you know, than the devil you don’t . . .”

[1] Warning: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE: Breitbart: Last Refuge.

[2]  Tsarnaev/Saudi/USA theory of double agents that went over to the Islamist side.

[3]  Joel Rosenberg interviews retired US ambassador to the UN on the 2013 Obama visit to Israel on optics vs reality in Israeli-US relations.

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