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“IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE. . . “ : British Soldier Butchered Alive on London/Woolich Street By British Jihadists


This ritual human sacrifice by Jihadists on the daytime streets of London is a political statement. Spend some time and think of how that political statement might be worded. It has already happened repeatedly in Israel.

The world news media were unconcerned when the same thing happened to 2 Israelis in Ramallah, Israel on Oct 12, 2000, an event still celebrated by the Palestinians to this day with red-dyed hands.

In the BBC NEWS cast about the be-heading of the British soldier please take note of the careful, politically-correct avoidance of the word ‘Muslim’, ‘ Jihad’ or the reported screams of Allah Hu Akbar as these Nigerian-British Muslims butchered a young soldier, (married father of a young child) in broad daylight. It took armed police 20 minutes to respond. Police in Britain are unarmed.  Just call 911 and in a half hour or so, ARMED police will arrive.

Thankfully the law-abiding people of Britain are already disarmed otherwise somebody could have been hurt. To confront 2 young men with butcher tools and a gun as they dismember a young hero on the street would be unwise unless you were well trained in unarmed combat. Soooooooooooooooooo glad nobody had a ‘conceal-and-carry permit’ to perhaps save the young man’s life had he survived being run down by the Muslim Nigerian-British-citizen’s car.

But it can’t happen here in the USSR (United States Socialist Republic) because President Barak Hussein Obama has declared the ‘war on terror’ (a monumentally ridiculous term coined by President George W. Bush) is over. Oh yeh, there was that little Boston Marathon thing and slaughter of Americans in Benghazi and the slaughter of Christians globally . . . but they are just the twitching corpse of Islamic terror in the New Obama World Order of peace and indebtedness. After all, at the Boston Marathon there were only 3 dead, 264 Americans hospitalized and only 14 lost limbs and eyes and hearing . . . and . . . as Journalist Emeritus of Watergate fame Bob Woodward says . . . it won’t go down in the history books.

The British Police will of course be investigated for shooting these young men though the Nigerian-British Muslims approached them with knives and a gun, inviting ‘death-by-cop’ so they could go to Allah’s paradise. The Police who tracked down the Boston bombers will also be investigated by the so-called human rights groups for misconduct in protecting the American people from these marauding Muslim terrorists who killed a policeman in their escape attempts.

But it can’t happen here in the USSR . . . for now . . . because the  ‘__crats’   have not been successful in disarming either the police or the law-abiding citizens of America . . . . . but it is only a matter of time.  After all as Barak Hussein Obama has stated “  . . . America should be a little more like Europe. . . ’’. Now it is: . . . broke, no borders, infiltrated by terrorists and gutless.

As Yasser Arafat stated in the Arabic language  after each of the signed peace accords, “first the Saturday people . . . then the Sunday people” . . . and as the ____crats strategize : . . . first the second amendment, then the first amendment. . . . . .

In the post-Immigration-Amnesty-one-party-system of the USA . . . it CAN happen here and WILL.


COMING ISRAELI SUPERSTATE ? : Fascinating possible scenario

In the waning light of America’s democracy and international influence, the context is a vicious and savagely violent world of ideological, ethnic and religious tribalism bound to organized crime enriched by the inexhaustible capitalization of the drug trade. Israel is without hope as her major ally abandons her. The ‘Apocalypse’ is at the door.

Then, a fascinating prophesy appears out of Psalm 83, in comparison/contrast to the familiar scenario of Ezekiel 38. An Irish bog expels a remarkable confirmation of its timeliness.

The nations that are defeated by Israel in each of these 2 chapters of Scripture, suggest very different wars none-of-which have taken place to date. Prophesy teacher Bill Salus has raised a fascinating scenario that has been missed by most Biblical eschatologists and gives a very different perspective on end-time events than has been the main-line prophetic teaching up till now.

In brief, the Psalm 83 nations represent by-and-large, the inner ring of nations bordering Israel, who make full frontal attack on her (in concert). They include what is modern-day Jordan, Lebanon, Hamas-controlled Gaza, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, the  Saudis, Iraq, (no border,  but close),  Syria, and various ancient sub-tribes of what are currently the artificial borders of artificial nation-states formed by the colonial powers after the First World War. Psalm 83 is an imprecatory prayer that the plot be defeated.

Ezekiel 38 on the other hand, represents the outer ring of nations who are defeated in a disastrous thermo-nuclear or Neutron attack by Israel. Russia (Magog) is actively involved in this war perhaps due to its alliance with Iran (Persia) and the North African (nations Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya). This is not imprecatory. This is detailed.

Bill Salus speaks to the Psalm 83 scenario. Please watch this video:

The prevailing political myth among non-believers is that the fate of Israel and the USA are inextricably bound because Israel cannot survive without the USA. As the USA declines economically, militarily and politically, Israel and a few small nations who are its allies (Canada currently a notable exception – i.e. not small, not unimportant and highly supportive of Israel) stand alone in a hostile leftist-Islamic world.

The Bible demonstrates that GOD’S NAME is only glorified in situations where the odds are not only astronomical but totally impossible. Such odds exist against Israel today.

THE HAPPIEST WARRIOR: Rush Limbaugh. . .

For 25 years the man at the top of the American left’s enemies list’ has been the famous Rush Limbaugh. And the more they talk of shutting him down, the more popular he gets. The more lies they tell about him, the more marketing they do on his behalf.

President, Barak Hussein Obama is reported to have said at to his Hollywood compatriots that the reason he could not get his agendas through congress is because of Rush Limbaugh.[1]

Please watch this video clip of Rush Limbaugh on the Jay Leno show:

The problem with Rush is that he is nearly always right. The reason is that he is usually the first to see through the smoke screen of propaganda put up by the leftist elite in America and is thereby best in predicting ultimate outcomes. He is truly an analytic genius  (witness the Limbaugh Theorem). [2] He draws the visceral hatred of ‘Obama-gasm’s’[3] Chris Matthews and the Democrat  Party’s ‘Ministry of Propaganda (MSNBC) because he is not university educated, came from humble yet dignified patriotic beginnings, has accumulated a fortune and is unapologetic about it. He slaughters all the sacred cows of the leftist propaganda machines, victim-ology, open borders,  anti-capitalism, the leftist-dictator-icons (Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Chinese Communism, Yasser Arafat etc), Global Warming, the Green Movement and especially their current messiah . . . Barak Hussein Obama. He is an utterly charismatic speaker, courageous beyond measure, utterly iconoclastic and relentless against the ‘Court Stenographers’ who call themselves the mainstream media in the USA.

As long as the leftist-elite that control America are unable to silence his voice, there is a powerful, unofficial, conservative voice in America. In his wake have come the other democratic voices: Andrew Breitbart, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Fox News and many others).  Rush was pretty much alone 25 years ago.

The Tea Party represents the visible, grass-roots opposition since the official opposition (The Republican Party) has abdicated that role. In their love for America and her Judeo-Christian roots, these are the voices that also don the yellow star in a world hostile to the existence of a sovereign Jewish people.

[1]  “Obama tells Harvey Weinstein and Justin Timberlake to blame Rush Limbaugh”.

[2]  The Limbaugh theorem explains why on polling, the population has the opinion that the country is going in the wrong direction economically and in international affairs, but that President Obama is still high in his approval ratings and is not seen as the source of their dissatisfaction.

[3]  Chris Mattews famous “Thrill up my leg. . . .” statement upon seeing Barak and Michelle at the 2008 election victory. 

Better a Predictable Enemy than an Unreliable Friend. . . .

The Israeli Intelligence services knew what was happening in Benghazi and that Ambassador Chris Stevens was informing his State Department of the imminent threat.  They knew (as did Ambassador Chris Stevens) that Ansar Al Sharia (an affiliate of Al Qaida) was flooding the region and arming heavily because of the arms caches that the US had accumulated. They also knew what was likely to  happen on 9/11 but the Obama Administration didn’t want to know because it was an election year and Obama had declared Al Qaida neutralized as part of his election rhetoric. It didn’t fit the political narrative.

Chris Stevens and his team were the sacrificial lambs to the President’s election bid but Navy Seal Ty Woods refused to stand down (as ordered) as did the Naval Task commander who was relieved of duty and career. Ty Woods and his team member Glen Doherty were relieved of life.  They “painted the target” which was a mortar emplacement that was attacking them and the people they had rescued, but by so doing gave away their position. Ty and Glem were expecting air support (Spectre) and it never came. [1]

Then the Obama Regime went on a propaganda tour blaming a video (Barak Hussein Obama, UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) that no one had seen and ‘spontaneous demonstrations’ that had never happened.

Don’t expect justice . . .

Then on the Boston Bombing, Israeli intelligence knew that those cute Chechen Muslim boys were in contract with radical Muslim terrorist organizations and being allowed in and out of Russia by the American intelligence agencies. This was despite the fact that their parents were declared persecuted refugees from those nations, and should be in danger for their lives were they to return. America was about to get stung by double-agents-gone bad and the American population might pay a serious price . . . and they did. [2]

[Warning : raw footage]

But relations with the Obama Administration are not exactly smooth since President Obama recommended that Israel go back to its pre-’67 borders despite the fact that those borders were won in a war of extermination against Israel (that failed miserably) and the acquired borders are necessary for Israeli sovereignty and security. That Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahoo has been repeatedly humiliated by the Obama Administration including being kept waiting for 90 minutes in Israel by Vice President Joe Biden and Netanyahoo forced into a back door entrance to the Whitehouse upon a visit to Washington.

President Obama refused to speak to the Israeli Knesset when in Israel this year and gave the Palestinian Authority (spectacularly corrupt and in regular violation of the human rights of its own citizens) equal time to the Israeli national democratic government. [3]

Further, American Jews still voted overwhelmingly to re-elect Barak Hussein Obama in November 2012 though they knew his sympathies and diplomatic record with respect to Israel. They also knew that prominent Jewish media executives and Hollywood refuse to present Israel in a positive light and the print media continues its relentless leftist-propaganda campaign in favour of Islam and against Israel.

President Jimmy Carter (Dem) was and remains clearly anti-Israel, President Bill Clinton (Dem) sold them out to the Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning terrorist Yasser Arafat on the Whitehouse lawn and now President Barak Hussein Obama (Dem) sells them out to un-just and indefensible borders.

With the inevitable One-Party system that US  immigration amnesty will bring and given this record of the Dem-Media Complex against Israel they can only say: “Better the Devil you know, than the devil you don’t . . .”

[1] Warning: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE: Breitbart: Last Refuge.

[2]  Tsarnaev/Saudi/USA theory of double agents that went over to the Islamist side.

[3]  Joel Rosenberg interviews retired US ambassador to the UN on the 2013 Obama visit to Israel on optics vs reality in Israeli-US relations.