CHOMSKY’S PATHOLOGY: The Left’s Minister of Propagan

Posted: March 27, 2014 in propaganda, useful idiots

CHOMSKY’S PATHOLOGY: The Left’s Minister of Propaganda.


“. . . . Chomsky is the most influential intellectual in the academic world . . . he is the 7th most cited author in academic life after Plato and Freud . . . what you have to understand about Noam Chomsky is that he is a colossal, compulsive, certifiable liar . . .”

David Horowitz (The Freedom Centre) C-Span Washington Journal

There is a lot of competition for top position with this particular characterological trait in leftist circles. Witness the rivals . . . Lenin, Stalin, Kim Jong Il, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

But because of his carefully manufactured and well polished academic reputation, his impact has been monumental for a generation of leftist ‘useful idiots’ (term attributed to Ivan Ilyich Lenin) like myself.

This interview sheds a good deal of light on the frustration that Alan Dershowitz had in debating Noam Chomsky, shown in this blog’s February 28, 2014 entry.


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