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FASCIST AMERICA:  Free Speech Patriotism and Israel (read, Jews) . . . verboten  



adjective: verboten

1.    forbidden, especially by an authority.

Origin German.


          American servicemen who stand up for their defamed and libeled ally in the Middle East, (Israel) or who have the audacity to display the American Flag in front of their own Whitehouse . . . will be assaulted, spit upon, removed or arrested as “Islamic thugs and their leftist jackboots…”[1] deny basic constitutional rights to American citizens.

          Please do not forget that ‘NAZI’ stood for National Socialist German Workers Party and their Palestinian ally Haj Amin Al Husseini (great uncle of Yasser Arafat) was mandated to execute the ‘final solution’ in the Middle East.

          So much for the psychotic fantasy of Democratic Socialism.


[1] As quoted from the article where the above STUNNING video clip is found:





. . . how one ‘progressive’ morphed into a Zionist. . . (. . . against all odds. . .)

Many nations shall come and say, “Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
To the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us His ways,
And we shall walk in His paths.”
For out of Zion the law shall go forth, And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

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GALLERY OF HEROINES: Ayan Hirsi Ali, ex-Muslim under fatwa of death


Her colleague Theo van Gogh[1] has already been slaughtered with a fatwa spiked to his chest. So too was Van Gogh’s friend Pim Fortuyn[2], again by the Unholy Alliance of the left and supremacist Islam. Under constant security protection and having been harassed by allegations in (what used to be Dutch, democratic) Holland, she continues to speak out. Geert Wilders continues the battle on the Dutch home-front.

In light of this blog, remember the courageous Dutch who rescued Jews from the ‘Old Fascism’ in WWII. Van Gough, Fortuyn and Hirsi Ali are victims of the ‘New Fascism’ today.

Remember, the war in the middle east is not the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is the Muslim-Israeli conflict. Iranians are not Arab. The Berbers, Kurds, Druze and the Copts don’t want to exterminate Israel, but the Muslim Crusades tried to exterminate these people-groups who DO NOT hate Israel or the Jews.

Islamic supremacists are disproportionately represented in all the conflicts in the world today; more than all other people-groups combined.


[1] Theo van Gough killed by Moroccan-Dutch Muslim .

[2] Pim Fortuyn assassinated by Muslim Sympathizer . Its the ‘ religion of peace’ you know

APOSTATE CHURCH: Third leg of the unholy alliance

From the days when the Catholic Church shook  hands with Adolph Hitler the blood of the Jews was on their hands. Today the (so called) protestants and evangelicals that have joined the Catholic and Orthodox churches in their persecution of the Jews, are deceiving their congregations and themselves by once again shaking hands with der Fuhrer . . .

But more malignant still, are the blasphemies of Christian Palestinianism and Chrislam. These teachers have joined hands with the other two major enemies of the Jews: the political left and Islam. They have their reward.

Please listen to every word of this YouTube clip of Dr. Paul Wilkinson because of the 3 legs of the now stable ‘unholy alliance’, THIS is the most malignant.


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Alan Dershowitz (Professor of Law, Harvard University) His liberal and professional bone fides are unquestionable.[1] He was allegedly instrumental in gaining freedom for Nelson Mandela, for defense of pornography as freedom of expression, the murder case against Claus von Bulow, OJ Simpson and launching an anti-defamation suit against the then Archbishop of Warsaw Jozef Glemp on behalf of a defamed Rabbi. Despite his leftist persuasion he was offended by the academic and left-wing-sponsored attack on Israel on spurious grounds. The position is published in his book : The Case for Israel.[2] Unfortunately he favors a two-state solution.

Noam Chomsky, (Professor Emeritus of Linguistics MIT)[3] is a leftist icon who (along with Norman Finkelstein[4]), is a prolific and vociferous anti-Israel academic. Finkelstein was denied tenure at DePaul University and thereafter resigned. Chomsky continues his tax-payer-funded, military-protected, prestige-borne rant against America and Israel and its allegedly conspiratorial relationship.

All are Jewish.


Please familiarize yourselves with the basic issues because the universities and the conventional media have become oil-funded anti-Semitic propaganda machines as has the (dis)United Nations.  Dershowitz’ voice is heard in ‘occupied territory.’

[2] Alan Dershowitz. The Case for Israel. John Wiley and Sons. Hoboken, New Jersey. 2003


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Although not addressing the now-disclosed true nature of the Syrian ‘opposition’ groups, Ann Coulter’s analysis brings to mind recent historical events portraying the naiveté/maliciousness of the Obama regime as President ‘Hope and Change’ hopes and changes the face of the Middle East.


Ariel Sharon: Peacemaker

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Ariel Sharon: Peacemaker

Sharon was the one man who could have made peace with the Palestinians because he was the one man who could defeat the Palestinians.[1]

— Mario Loyola is former foreign and defense counsel to the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee. 

Loyola’s brief  biography of Ariel Sharon is the history of modern Israel. It depicts the impossibly complex dynamics of war, domestic and international politics, political left and political right, military, economy, enemy and friend, inside and outside Israel.

In the light of the impossibly naïve (or malignant) Middle East policies of the Obama/Kerry regime (now using their Neville-Chamberlain[1]-appeasement policy to assure another  intifada ) Sharon’s life scribes the genuine pathway to peace as opposed to the utopian fantasies of the global political left which will assure the next Holocaust.

Please read this National Review Online article by Mario Loyola [2] as though your understanding of the Middle East depended on it. IT DOES.

[1] Israel’s Greatest Peacemaker. National Review Online January 13, 2014.

[2] Neville Chamberlain, Conservative Prime Minister of Britain, in a policy of appeasement, negotiated ‘peace in our time’ with Adolph Hitler immediately prior to World War II

[3] Israel’s Greatest Peacemaker. National Review Online January 13, 2014.