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VI. What you won’t hear from CNNNBCABCCBSBBCCBC. . .

Here are some unconventional news sources. Please follow the links and select what you find most useful. . . (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) (Act for America)
(Son of Hamas)




“. . . It may be politically shrewd to give domestic policy, as it affects an economy just beginning to recover from recession, a higher priority than foreign policy. But the collapse of Boris Yeltsin’s pro-Western, democratic Russian Government would have a far greater impact on the American economy than anything the new Administration could do at home. . . . The Yeltsin Government is in mortal danger. The National Salvation Front, an unholy alliance of ex-Communists and ultra-nationalists, have boldly demanded Boris Yeltsin’s resignation, a return to authoritarian rule and the restoration of the Soviet Union within its 1991 borders. That would be a prescription for the beginning of cold war II. . . . The peace dividend, which the Clinton Administration is counting on to help finance its new domestic policies, will be down the tube. Instead of cutting the defence budget, it will be necessary to increase defense spending by billions of dollars.”

Save the Peace Dividend
By Richard Nixon; Published: November 19, 1992 New York Times Archives

THE CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST I: Ritual Sacrifice of ‘Infidels’ by US supported Muslim Rebels in Syria

Please listen to every word as though your life depended on it. It may. . .


The ‘unholy alliance’ of the political left and the Jihadis, hates Christians and Jews. Their respective genocidal and brutally oppressive histories confirm this fact. That is why the US state-sponsored-media and State Department under the Obama administration are unconcerned with the holocaust against Christians that is taking place in the Middle-East and North Africa as we speak. It is a direct consequence of US Foreign Policy related to the so-called ‘Arab spring’.

Concurrently they are trying to undermine Israel’s capacity to defend itself against neighbors with genocidal intent, by turning Israel back to the 1967 borders. The Israeli conservatives call these the ‘Auschwitz borders’.

Christians and Jews . . . quoting Psalm 44:22

As it is written: “For Your sake we are killed all day long; We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” Romans 8:36

Christians and Jews . . . and whose newspapers cover it? Israeli . . . [1]

The slaughter in Syria that is being conducted by US-supported rebels (FSA and DASH), is pagan-ritual human sacrifice. It took an ex-Muslim, ex-terrorist, Palestinian Christian to bother uncovering it.

By Michael Horowitz’ 1990’s reckoning of 400 martyrs per day, the Christian church is by now approaching the 3,000,000 mark in it’s latest holocaust. Christians and Jews . . . .

[1] Arutz Sheva

SECRETARIAT OF TRUTH 2: Department of University Affairs

The propaganda stool has 3 legs: The media, the university, and the Party. The Leftist-Media-University-Complex is (in concert with Jihadist Islam) the major ideological threat to democracy in the world today. But with the rise of a heavily armed China, Russia and nuclear Iran the propaganda war is largely academic. The political Left has completed its agenda in the west and now the dictatorships of the Unholy Alliance[1] will prevail. Based upon the successful propaganda campaign using our democratic rights, the dictatorships will fill the void left by the United States of America.   

This blogger was a useful idiot of Leftist U. and was in its ideological grip for the better part of eight years. Ten years later the ‘light came on. . .’ by the ‘new-school-of-everyday-life’ where he discovered that although they are a very necessary vector in the democratic political equation, “. . . the Left are never Right”.

[1] David Horowitz. The Unholy Alliance: radical Islam and the American left. Regnery Publishing Inc. Washington DC. 2004

SECRETARIAT OF TRUTH 1: Department of Media Affairs

Wars are not only won or lost on the battle field, they are won or lost in the minds of populations. The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis), the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( the Jihadists) which runs the agenda of the United Nations,  have all realized that. The Republicans have not. The Tea Party has.

No war can be won without winning the propaganda war and the political left wing realized that in the 1950s and began their campaign to bring down America. [1]

In 2008 they succeeded[2]. Here is Media Department of their war room.

[1] Film The Agenda: Grinding America down.  full film available for  limited time . For Trailer please see :

[2] Dinesh D’Souza knew and is now under legal attack by The Party. This is his movie from 2012, telling us about what was going to be, by 2016. (trailer).

NOTES ON WINNING: The ‘New Leviathan’ showing cracks and fissures

David Horowitz and Laksin’s excellent book demonstrates how the BIG LEFT money machine is destroying democracy in America which unfortunately brings it dangerously close to the same forces which brought about Nazi Germany’s National Socialist Revolution. Combined with Muslim oil it is the ‘Unholy Alliance’ with an inexhaustible war chest. But there are still PEOPLE in America, who do not buy the ‘drive-by’ media, left-wing, hate-America-Israel-and-Christians narrative and, in fact, find that narrative utterly disgusting.

The (Tea Party) Conservatives are being stirred once again as we approach the November congressional elections. You are unlikely to hear this on CNNABCCBSMSNBC. They are terrified of another 2010 political tsunami.

The ‘________crats’ (they are anything BUT ‘demo’) are having a cow. Obama’s approval ratings are down to 41% (still scandalously high and a tribute to media Obama-cheerleaders) but it is a figure comparable to a Clinton disaster. The Florida congressional election this last week of Republican David Jolly, was held in a guaranteed Democrat riding.

This election result is a de-facto repudiation of Obamacare.[1] The BIG LEFT slander-and-defamation money machine could not defeat a low-budget no-name conservative who campaigned against Obamacare.

The ‘________crats’ who are facing re-election this fall are abandoning the sinking ship of  the disastrous Obamacare because they know what CNNABCCBSMSNBC are not telling the American people:

  1. That the sign-up system is exhausting, erratic and unreliable
  2. That the costs are prohibitive and it is causing massive lay-offs
  3. That you cannot keep your Doctor or your existing plan,
  4. That the actual numbers of people signing up for Obamacare are insufficient to support it financially,
  5. the data entered is insecure
  6. all the Obamatron constituency groups (unions and government) are asking for exemptions
  7. because it is a tax, it will ultimately become a criminal offense to NOT sign up
  8. the amount of control, both economically and politically , that this will give the government, is draconian. . . .

Then, to make matters worse, a leftist ‘hit-book’ on Roger Ailes (owner of Fox News- the only conservative and balanced political commentary on cable TV) fizzled to the point that it was a huge embarrassment to its Leviathan financiers and media promoters. It was leftist wunderkind Gabe Sherman’s book: The Loudest Voice in the Room: how the brilliant, bombastic Roger Ailes built Fox News and divided the country [2] .

Ailes story is the prototypical American success-story, protecting constitutional rights and standing against the left’s propaganda juggernaut . Like Ben Shapiro’s 2 minute speech that turned the tide on the Jew-hating Israel-divestment move at UCLA, this leftist-hit-book fizzle is a sign of life for America.

But this is not to suggest that the victory can be political. If America is to survive the potential for a Burning of the Reichstag[3], a Beer Hall Putsch[4]  or election of the Bride of Frankenstein to the U.S. Presidency in 2016, the answer is in your prayer-closet, your church fasting-and-prayer meetings and the true repentance that GOD demands of HIS people.

2 Chronicles 7:14

New King James Version (NKJV)

14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY . . . The well-funded Left leg of the Unholy Alliance

Big leftist money-machines, Islamic oil and a compromised media guarantee the demise of American democracy. Unless . . . . . . .