HAPPY WARRIORS Part 2: Mark Steyn: ex-Canadian

Posted: February 15, 2013 in democracy, fascism, free speech, Islam, media

HAPPY WARRIORS[1] Part 2: Mark Steyn: ex-Canadian

Mark Steyn’s caustic British wit helps flood the brain with much-needed endorphins as the Democrat-Media Complex floods the air-waves with fantasy[2] as Armageddon approaches.[3] Speaking of President Obama’s new NASA (as an outreach to the Muslims) and moth-balling the Space Shuttle because ‘we can hitch-hike on Russian launches’, Steyn satirizes the new USA in his quip:

So we can’t go to the moon. And, by the time you factor in getting to the airport to do the shoeless shuffle and the enhanced pat-down, flying to London takes longer than it did in 1960. If we were trying to build the transcontinental railroad now they’d be spending the first three decades on the environmental impact study and hammering in the Golden Spike to celebrate the point at which the Feasibility Commission’s expansion up from the fifth floor met the Zoning Board’s expansion down from the twelfth floor.

After America. p. 32

This small excerpt highlights the Obama regime policies:
1. ‘NASA as diplomacy to Muslims’ concept
2. the gross inefficiency of a ponderous security system that is ineffective (‘underwear bomber’; Times Square Bomber; Shoe Bomber)
3. gross economy-killing environmental regulations and
4. the ponderous advance of union-government bureaucracies

Speaking of American post-secondary education (while covering The Rush Limbaugh Show, December 2012) Steyn quipped that in the present economic and political context, once the American university graduate completed his Masters degree in ‘Advanced Navel Gazing’ from ‘Complacency University’ he’ll come out owing a hundred thousand dollars to the Federal Government and in the Obama economy, unable to find a job.

That is prototypical Steyn. But the Canadian Islamist speech-crime-lobby didn’t like his wit and freedom when it viewed his articles in MacLean’s Magazine.[4] You can’t say the truth about Islam in the West. It is close to being against the law (witness Laars Hedegaard in the once proud state of Denmark[5]; Geert Wilders in Holland[6], Ezra Levant in Canada for publishing the Mohammad Cartoons[7] (which the whole world was talking about but were censored from seeing because the Islamists might mob, pillage, rape and kill as they did elsewhere). Islamist front organizations have no sense of humour.

In the meantime it is OK to put a Crucifix in a bottle of urine and display it as art for the National Endowment for the Arts or for Hollywood to rail on and demonize Christians in virtually every movie release, because Christians and Jews DON’T typically make human rights complaints, burn down theatres, mob, pillage, rape and kill when we feel ‘offended’. But the risk DOES exist if you exercise free speech related to virtually any other religion.

Steyn is a satirical genius but is very aware of the consequences of the 2012 election. In America Alone[8], Steyn warned of an America that did not change course from its European-style, auto-genocidal policies and practices. It didn’t.

But he is your classic ‘happy warrior’ and spoke the truth about Islam in Macleans which (like Ezra Levant) landed him before the Canadian Government’s ‘heresy courts.’[9] Here is his testimony before the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights about the Canadian Human Rights Council that attempted to indict him.

PLEASE LISTEN VERY, VERY CAREFULLY. You are likely to be shocked.

Rex Murphy addresses both Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant tribunals…


[1] “The Character of the Happy Warrior” is a poem by the English Romantic poet William Wordsworth. Composed in 1806, after the death of Lord Nelson, hero of the Napoleonic Wars, and first published in 1807, the poem purports to describe the ideal “man in arms,” and has, through ages since, been the source of much metaphor in political & military life.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Character_of_the_Happy_Warrior
[2] Andrew Breitbart. Righteous Indignation. Grand Central Publishing. New York. 2011 Chapter 4
[3] Mark Steyn. After America: Get ready for Armageddon. Regnery, Washington DC. 2011
[4] See report on the issue in: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Steyn
[5] Laars Hedegaard conviction
[6] Geert Wilders won only after a protracted legal battle meant to silence him
[7] Rex Murphy addresses both Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant tribunals http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=fvwp&v=xaQiGnR2Xw0
[8] Mark Steyn. America Alone: the end of the world as we know it. Regnery Publishing, Washington , DC 2006
[9] In Islamic jurisprudence, should one be considered to have insulted Islam or the prophet it is defined as heresy and one can be drawn before the courts to be flogged or imprisoned. The truth conveyed is irrelevant. In Canada they are called Human Rights Commissions (and are anything but about the human rights of free speech and freedom of religion (see clip of Ezra Levant before the tribunal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iMNM1tef7g)


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