COMING ISRAELI SUPERSTATE ? : Fascinating possible scenario

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Israel

COMING ISRAELI SUPERSTATE ? : Fascinating possible scenario

In the waning light of America’s democracy and international influence, the context is a vicious and savagely violent world of ideological, ethnic and religious tribalism bound to organized crime enriched by the inexhaustible capitalization of the drug trade. Israel is without hope as her major ally abandons her. The ‘Apocalypse’ is at the door.

Then, a fascinating prophesy appears out of Psalm 83, in comparison/contrast to the familiar scenario of Ezekiel 38. An Irish bog expels a remarkable confirmation of its timeliness.

The nations that are defeated by Israel in each of these 2 chapters of Scripture, suggest very different wars none-of-which have taken place to date. Prophesy teacher Bill Salus has raised a fascinating scenario that has been missed by most Biblical eschatologists and gives a very different perspective on end-time events than has been the main-line prophetic teaching up till now.

In brief, the Psalm 83 nations represent by-and-large, the inner ring of nations bordering Israel, who make full frontal attack on her (in concert). They include what is modern-day Jordan, Lebanon, Hamas-controlled Gaza, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, the  Saudis, Iraq, (no border,  but close),  Syria, and various ancient sub-tribes of what are currently the artificial borders of artificial nation-states formed by the colonial powers after the First World War. Psalm 83 is an imprecatory prayer that the plot be defeated.

Ezekiel 38 on the other hand, represents the outer ring of nations who are defeated in a disastrous thermo-nuclear or Neutron attack by Israel. Russia (Magog) is actively involved in this war perhaps due to its alliance with Iran (Persia) and the North African (nations Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya). This is not imprecatory. This is detailed.

Bill Salus speaks to the Psalm 83 scenario. Please watch this video:

The prevailing political myth among non-believers is that the fate of Israel and the USA are inextricably bound because Israel cannot survive without the USA. As the USA declines economically, militarily and politically, Israel and a few small nations who are its allies (Canada currently a notable exception – i.e. not small, not unimportant and highly supportive of Israel) stand alone in a hostile leftist-Islamic world.

The Bible demonstrates that GOD’S NAME is only glorified in situations where the odds are not only astronomical but totally impossible. Such odds exist against Israel today.

  1. You are right on,Roger, with this blog,sounds, very possible too happen, and just listened to Israel
    With Love on Hope For Today, on! KARI AM 550, very good and a great message.

    Love In Him,

    Caroline & Ron

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