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“IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE. . . “ : British Soldier Butchered Alive on London/Woolich Street By British Jihadists


This ritual human sacrifice by Jihadists on the daytime streets of London is a political statement. Spend some time and think of how that political statement might be worded. It has already happened repeatedly in Israel.

The world news media were unconcerned when the same thing happened to 2 Israelis in Ramallah, Israel on Oct 12, 2000, an event still celebrated by the Palestinians to this day with red-dyed hands.

In the BBC NEWS cast about the be-heading of the British soldier please take note of the careful, politically-correct avoidance of the word ‘Muslim’, ‘ Jihad’ or the reported screams of Allah Hu Akbar as these Nigerian-British Muslims butchered a young soldier, (married father of a young child) in broad daylight. It took armed police 20 minutes to respond. Police in Britain are unarmed.  Just call 911 and in a half hour or so, ARMED police will arrive.

Thankfully the law-abiding people of Britain are already disarmed otherwise somebody could have been hurt. To confront 2 young men with butcher tools and a gun as they dismember a young hero on the street would be unwise unless you were well trained in unarmed combat. Soooooooooooooooooo glad nobody had a ‘conceal-and-carry permit’ to perhaps save the young man’s life had he survived being run down by the Muslim Nigerian-British-citizen’s car.

But it can’t happen here in the USSR (United States Socialist Republic) because President Barak Hussein Obama has declared the ‘war on terror’ (a monumentally ridiculous term coined by President George W. Bush) is over. Oh yeh, there was that little Boston Marathon thing and slaughter of Americans in Benghazi and the slaughter of Christians globally . . . but they are just the twitching corpse of Islamic terror in the New Obama World Order of peace and indebtedness. After all, at the Boston Marathon there were only 3 dead, 264 Americans hospitalized and only 14 lost limbs and eyes and hearing . . . and . . . as Journalist Emeritus of Watergate fame Bob Woodward says . . . it won’t go down in the history books.

The British Police will of course be investigated for shooting these young men though the Nigerian-British Muslims approached them with knives and a gun, inviting ‘death-by-cop’ so they could go to Allah’s paradise. The Police who tracked down the Boston bombers will also be investigated by the so-called human rights groups for misconduct in protecting the American people from these marauding Muslim terrorists who killed a policeman in their escape attempts.

But it can’t happen here in the USSR . . . for now . . . because the  ‘__crats’   have not been successful in disarming either the police or the law-abiding citizens of America . . . . . but it is only a matter of time.  After all as Barak Hussein Obama has stated “  . . . America should be a little more like Europe. . . ’’. Now it is: . . . broke, no borders, infiltrated by terrorists and gutless.

As Yasser Arafat stated in the Arabic language  after each of the signed peace accords, “first the Saturday people . . . then the Sunday people” . . . and as the ____crats strategize : . . . first the second amendment, then the first amendment. . . . . .

In the post-Immigration-Amnesty-one-party-system of the USA . . . it CAN happen here and WILL.

  1. Dear Roger

    Right-on, and a very good,great, article on It. Cannot Happen Here, and yes it can, if we do not be
    Watchful & Careful, of The Other Side, doings and coming and goings. Take-care & G-D’S

    Love In. Him,

    Ron. &. Caroline

  2. Barb Churcher says:

    Dear Roger – I loved your sarcasm in this article!!!

    Thank you for your wonderful research. We need to speak out against this “religion of peace” – tell the truth to those who are deceived. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men/women to keep silent.
    I appreciate your reminders that we need to speak.
    Keep up the good work.
    The Lord bless you.
    Barb Churcher

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