GALLERY OF HEROINES: Ayan Hirsi Ali, ex-Muslim under fatwa of death

Posted: April 29, 2014 in fascism, history, Islam, Israel, unholy alliance

GALLERY OF HEROINES: Ayan Hirsi Ali, ex-Muslim under fatwa of death


Her colleague Theo van Gogh[1] has already been slaughtered with a fatwa spiked to his chest. So too was Van Gogh’s friend Pim Fortuyn[2], again by the Unholy Alliance of the left and supremacist Islam. Under constant security protection and having been harassed by allegations in (what used to be Dutch, democratic) Holland, she continues to speak out. Geert Wilders continues the battle on the Dutch home-front.

In light of this blog, remember the courageous Dutch who rescued Jews from the ‘Old Fascism’ in WWII. Van Gough, Fortuyn and Hirsi Ali are victims of the ‘New Fascism’ today.

Remember, the war in the middle east is not the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is the Muslim-Israeli conflict. Iranians are not Arab. The Berbers, Kurds, Druze and the Copts don’t want to exterminate Israel, but the Muslim Crusades tried to exterminate these people-groups who DO NOT hate Israel or the Jews.

Islamic supremacists are disproportionately represented in all the conflicts in the world today; more than all other people-groups combined.


[1] Theo van Gough killed by Moroccan-Dutch Muslim .

[2] Pim Fortuyn assassinated by Muslim Sympathizer . Its the ‘ religion of peace’ you know


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