One Rocket Strike on Ben Gurion Airport ?

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Israel

One Rocket Strike on Ben Gurion Airport ?

Video clip from David Bedein’s Behind the News in Israel


Often the line between stupidity and malice is blurred for those who have to bear the consequences of stupidity or malice.

After the 2008 IDF ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza in a unilateral “land-for-peace” deal (pushed of course by the US State Department, the UN and Europe) now the USA takes the sanctions-pressure off Iran by entering a new phase of  negotiations. Iran is providing the ordinance that is blowing up US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran has promised the destruction of the USA and Israel. Iran will soon have nukes. But it doesn’t need them to destroy Israel. The Bush and now Obama Administrations have seen to that. They have given Hamas and Iran the conventional weapons capability to destroy Israel. Please watch this clip.


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