Posted: November 11, 2013 in history


As Jews are attacked in their new homeland and abroad (babies stabbed to death in their beds by the ‘freedom fighters’)[1] and as Christians flee torture, rape and murder all over Africa . . .[2] it is as with the European Jews of the 1940’s: the world is un-concerned. The extermination of Jews and Christians for the glory of Allah and/or THE STATE in the 21st century raises the exact same questions.

Some of the Jews of Europe “got the memo” and decided they would make the extermination bid, ‘complicated’ for the Germans. They were instrumental in the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Moderate Muslims in the West (like Tarek Fatah) also know they are next for Sword of Allah. [3] The dynamic of propaganda-and-hate is identical to the 1930s and ’40s and so are the consequences.

[1] Please see the Sept 15, 2011 (archives) posting on this blog and the video segment on the slaughter of the Fogel family , Ithamar, Israel (warning , graphic images of the aftermath of barbarous violence)

[2] Please see persecution of Coptic Christians video segment  Oct 18, 2013 on this blog (archives)

[3] Please see Tarek Fatah video segment Nov 24, 2011 posting on this blog


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