Posted: August 25, 2014 in Islam, Israel, unholy alliance

CHICAGO! It escalates from here. . . till Sharia Law, then protests will not be allowed. It will be very peaceful.

      Notice that the Israeli protesters are removed, the Unholy Alliance protestors are not . . . balance in the Multi-Cultural paradise . . . President Obama’s town. It appears the loudest and most violent, win.

  1. Betty-Lou Loewen says:

    Oh wow… what an awful, tense situation! And yes, why were only the pro-Israel demonstrators told to ‘move along’?! Actually, I feel sorry for the police… what an unpleasant and challenging thing to handle! Also, I wonder why it was only the bad guys who had the amplification? They always seem to – and the pro-Israel people often are ill-prepared and out-shouted. Hence the need for more accordions!! HA!


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