THE TRUE NATURE OF THE PROBLEM: Israel, the West and the Church

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

THE TRUE NATURE OF THE PROBLEM: Israel, the West and the Church:

Walid Shoebat

This is a long segment but global in its coverage. There are some minor controversial theological positions taken, but it is remarkably Biblically accurate. It raises many questions that must be considered by Christians and Jews.

Shoebat (an ex-terrorist Palestinian, now Christian living in America) was subject to a mis-information campaign aired on CNN based upon propaganda and sub-standard investigative reporting. The same campaign has been waged against him in the left-church. He counters the accusations as the introduction to this piece.

Thesis: That the Islamic Supremacist infiltration into the USA and the passive governmental response is a symptom of America’s cultural decline, an apostate church and is merely a repeat of previous historic Islamic incursions into the West.

  1. Very informative and interesting interview and discussion, that is so true and truthful to today’s events in the world, a very good thought-provoking talk and discussion.

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