Posted: August 11, 2014 in Gaza, Israel


V. Hamas Rockets Stored in UNHRA schools: so UNHRA gives them back to Hamas. . . .”

. . . to kill Israeli men, women and children. . . of course.

Rockets were found at a vacant U.N. school in Gaza for a second time earlier this week, and Ban warned that “those responsible are turning schools into potential military targets, and endangering the lives of innocent children.”

-UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. . . .[i]

Who started this war???????????????? Hamas has been rocketing civilian targets since March! Where was Ban Ki Moon then?????? Where was the international media outcry against Hamas? But now that Israel has the audacity to fire back and cut off the supply lines, they are suddenly equally culpable.

It’s “. . . . both sides. . . . .”  they say. The UN is the best example of the pathetic bankruptcy of moral relativism that one can find in the world today. And who did they recommend for a Human Rights Award? Mouammar al-Gaddafi of Libya. [ii] Pathetic beyond imagination . . . .

Nick Casey of the Wall Street Journal nailed it[iii].

During the 15 days of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, Hamas has been caught using hospitals, mosques and schools to hide militants and weapons, all of which are contrary to international rules of war created to protect civilians.[iv]

This is how the schools, mosques and hospitals are supplied. . .







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