FINALLY ! . . . till Tomorrow

Posted: July 25, 2014 in Israel

FINALLY ! . . . till Tomorrow

Israel strikes back and injures the Adder[i] before it kills more of her children . . . .the international community says that they are only allowed to injure it so that it can return to kill their children at a later date. . . .

‘Lower Gaza’ (the tunneling system that brings sophisticated missiles into Gaza from Iran, assuring the eventual destruction of Israel’s urban centres ) are being temporarily destroyed. The IDF and the Israeli government have showed remarkable restraint for decades. The unilateral withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza in return for peace was a psychotic fantasy. Now Lower Gaza is once again seriously disrupted and the hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of concrete that the EU, UN and USA had meant to build houses for Palestinians, lie under the Negev sand. Then someone will broker a cease-fire, Hamas will rebuild them with UN, EU and USA development funds, then the Russian rockets and missiles will flow through Iran into Lower Gaza once again to kill Jewish men, women and children and ultimately destroy the State.

Just another Jerusalem morning.[ii]


[i]     Any of several groups of venomous snakes of the Viperidae family, including Vipera berus, the common European adder, found in Europe and northern Asia

[ii]   For analysis or the dilemma for Israel, please read Stratfor  –  “Gaza Situation Report” by George Friedman Geopolitical Weekly Monday, July 14, 2014


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