APOSTATE CHURCH: Third leg of the unholy alliance

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Chrislam, Christianity, history, Islam, unholy alliance

APOSTATE CHURCH: Third leg of the unholy alliance

From the days when the Catholic Church shook  hands with Adolph Hitler the blood of the Jews was on their hands. Today the (so called) protestants and evangelicals that have joined the Catholic and Orthodox churches in their persecution of the Jews, are deceiving their congregations and themselves by once again shaking hands with der Fuhrer . . .

But more malignant still, are the blasphemies of Christian Palestinianism and Chrislam. These teachers have joined hands with the other two major enemies of the Jews: the political left and Islam. They have their reward.

Please listen to every word of this YouTube clip of Dr. Paul Wilkinson because of the 3 legs of the now stable ‘unholy alliance’, THIS is the most malignant.

  1. Barb Churcher says:

    Thanks, Roger. Rev. Wilkinson is wonderful, such an articulate and passionate defender of the true faith. I was crying when he described how the Lord rescued him from the picture-taking situation with Arafat. Keep up the great work!!! The Lord bless you.

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