”IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE”: The Christian Copts of the Middle East

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Christianity, fascism, Islam, Israel

”IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE”: The Christian Copts of the Middle East

Oh yes it can . . . . . and will. Please listen to the entire segment.

Historically, Christians were once a majority in Egypt. Once Islam-ized, all their  rights were removed except under secular Muslim  regimes like that of Hosni Mubarak (whom the American left,  removed from power as it did with the pro-Western Shah of Iran).  The Jimmy Carter Administration (Dem)[1] and the Canadian Government ( Lib) and nuclear industry[2] are responsible for the Iranian nuclear threat.

The Obama Administration (Dem) has the blood of the Christian Copts on its hands. The Republicans have the blood of the Sudanese Christians on their hands.

Secular Muslim regimes not ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood  and other radical-Sharia-Law administrations, see Christians as a cultural asset. But the Jihadis take the Quran seriously and do as Muhammad told them: subjugate or kill the Jews and Christians.

A Republican administration in the USA delivered a magnificent  multi-cultural Lebanon with a Christian majority in government into the hands of Syria on a silver platter. Now Hezbo-Allah rules Beirut and the nation as a smoking pile of terrorist rubble. This phenomenon has been repeated all over the world as Islam seeks its historica destiny: A global Islamic Caliphate. The reason? : Oil is the west’s ‘drug of choice’. Bridgitte Gabriel warns America .[3] For Europe it is already too late.[4]

Dhimitude [5] IS THE REAL APARTHEID not the pathetic leftist propaganda allegations against the Israeli government. The Unholy Alliance of the left and Jihad has persecuted Christians as both of their fascist totalitarian regimes will have no other gods except Allah or THE STATE. In the future it may be Allah AND THE STATE.


[1] Mike Evans. Jimmy Carter, the Liberal Left and World Chaos. Timeworthy Books. Phoenix Az. 2009

[2] Paul L.  Williams. The Day of f Islam. Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY,  2007

[3] Brigitte Gabriel. Because they Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America. St. Martins Press. N.Y. 2006,

[4] Bruce Thornton. Decline and Fall: Europe’s Slow-Motion Suicide. Encounter Books N.Y. 2007.

[5] This is true apartheid, which the Muslim regimes sanitize into privileges or contract. It is clearly in fact second class citizenship. A Dhimi cannot testify against a Muslim, is subject to discriminatory taxes and usually ghettoized in Muslim-dominated countries. They are restricted in education and usually end up taking only the most menial jobs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhimmitude . The rich Haifa Arabs of Israel live as princes not as dhimi.


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