SYRIA: “Assad didn’t do it . . . “

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Syria

SYRIA:  “Assad didn’t do it . . . “

As the western media ‘scribes’ for President Barak Hussein Obama gin up the so-called ‘human rights’ dimensions of the Syrian conflict, the truth of the matter is buried by the usual propaganda blitz.  

The issue is NOT Syria, but the 2014 US election campaign.[1] President Obama must look muscular and assertive on the international stage, projecting his power into the region rather than vacillating and leading from behind. He may have picked the wrong fight.

Egypt backfired on him.  The President’s  support of the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow of Hosni Mubarak demonstrated  the true nature of the so-called “Arab Spring’.

The ‘Arab Spring’ has been the orchestrated removal of secular, pro-western Muslim regimes in order  to replace them with radical Islamists. The secularists of Egypt didn’t like radical Islamist rule and now Morsi is facing his own war crimes allegations. It looks like President Obama backed the wrong horse.

The interests of the  . . . Brotherhood . . . did not prevail as it had in Libya and now Egypt and Syria are rejecting the . . . Brotherhood/ Al Qaida  take-over as well. Libya is the link between the Benghazi cover-up during the 2012 Presidential election and the Syrian conflict today. Benghazi was the arms depot and gun-running hub for American support of the Syrian rebels.

But the Syrian conflict brings Iran, Russia and China into the arena.

The systematic atrocities and slaughter of Christians by the Rebels goes largely unreported. It always does. The Syrian Christians have been allowed to worship and thrive under Assad. They are allowed only to die by the hand of the American-supported Rebels.

Russian Intel Services as well as Walid Shoebat have reported that the so-called Syrian ‘Rebels’ have had captured chemical weapons for up to a year now.  In propaganda videos they’ve been testing them on animals (but behind the scenes, more than likely, humans as Sadam Hussein had done). This is their chance to use them to bring the world down on the head of Bashir Al Assad.

The Rebels are in fact over-represented by foreign mercenaries fighting for the removal of the Iranian-axis (Shia Islam: Assad) in favour of a Wahabi (Sunni ) regime represented by the Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and likely Saudi interests. The Muslim Brotherhood is highly influential and present in the Obama Administration as they were in the Clinton Administration.

The Syrian civil war will take up the next several segments of this blog  and the reference material and sources delineated. This is only an introduction.

The bottom line is that Assad is unlikely to have used the chemical weapons on his own people. Overwhelming circumstantial evidence exists implicating both the Brotherhood  and American intelligence agencies in ‘hanging’ the chemical weapons attack on the Assad Regime when it in fact was executed by the Rebels themselves for propaganda purposes (Yossef Bodansky).[2]

America will thus be bombing an Iranian proxy in support of a Saudi proxy: supporting Sunni Islam against Shia Islam and Islamist theocrats against secular – modernist Muslims.


[1] Rush Limbaugh, August  and Sept 2013 emphasizes this as the foundation of  Obama foreign policy. It was his research that also identified prestigious intelligence analyst Yossef Bodansky on American involvement in the Syrian conflict.


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