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“Palestinians Reject Kerry Plan . . . ’’

Kerry in West Bank (AAP)

Just as in the year 2000 Camp David Summit when Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat nearly everything he wanted on a silver platter (and the Saudis ratified the plan[1]) Arafat refused[2]. He then called for a million martyrs[3]. Arafat knew that all the Middle East leaders that had negotiated peace with Israel had ended up dead and he was not to follow the same path. The conflict had to be kept going so that the funds would continue to flow so he could keep his position as world-class freedom fighter and support his wife in Paris (reportedly to the tune of $30,000,000)[4].

His refusal saved the Israeli government from a suicidal move. The Palestinians always save the Jewish left from itself (witness the rain of rockets after the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza) and since then have been forced to ‘review’ their position on unilateral withdrawal from territory.

Today, ‘Vietnam Veteran’[5] and protestor USA Sec State, John Kerry tried again in the context of another left-wing US administration more hostile to Israel than any other, to formulate a peace initiative to Israel’s disadvantage.  Abbas/Masden/PA/Fatah/PLO/Al Aqsa Martyrs . . . . . . refused the Obama/Kerry plan.

Abbas would like to live to a ripe old age in order to continue his Holocaust Denials[6].  After all, he is the internationally recognized ‘partner for peace’ with the Israelis and credited with financing the massacre of the Israeli Olympic Team by the mastermind of the massacre himself [7]. He embodies (like Arafat) the celebration of terrorism’s success while ‘suing for peace’.

[1] The Saudis were publicly devastated by Arafat’s position.

[2] Contrary to the left-wing media scribes, Arafat was ‘given the farm’ and refused it and thereafter launching a propaganda campaign to rationalize his decision.

[3] While speaking to the western press Arafat was talking about peace with his ‘Jewish Cousins” while calling for the Intefada to his adoring Muslim crowds.

[4] Time Magazine reports that Arafat once controlled a financial empire worth at least $3 billion and that an internal struggle over the remaining funds evolved just prior to his death. $3 billion and still Palestinian boys run barefoot  and throw rocks at the Israelis.

[5]  Unfit for Command. John E. O’Neill and Corsi. Regnery Publishing. Washington DC 2004

[6] Described in his book The Other Side and in the larger Palestinian and Muslim context see:

Photo: Kerry in West Bank dash for more talks


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