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Why is it that a disproportionate number of the most outspoken warriors against the ‘Unholy Alliance’ [1] are women? I’m talking about the straight-talking, take-no prisoners, call-a spade a spade, in-your-face street fighters like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bridgitte Gabriel, Irshad Manjit, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Melanie Phillips, Noni Dharwish, Caroline Glick, Michelle Bachman, and for this blog item  . . . Pamela Geller.

It may well be that they know what is in store for them should Islamic sharia law be implemented in the west . . . a cherished goal of the gradualist, demographic, jihadis.

The Biblical ‘Deborah’ was a judge of Israel who accompanied the Israeli commander (Barak) into battle and ultimate victory against an oppressive Canaanite king[2]. These women share a similar mandate.

Of course the ‘unholy alliance’ libel-defamation-and-slander-machine is ‘giving birth to a cow’ over Geller, using their usual anti-free-speech slander-labels such as Islamophobe, hatespeaker, and bigot to try to silence her from telling the truth. Never in the state-sponsored media do we hear of Islam’s Christophobia and Judeophobia though Christians and Jews die or are persecuted at the hands of Muslims every day.[3] The left and their Jihadi allies only like to hear the sound of their own voices and are trying to see that they are the only voice allowed in the public square. Geller demands to be heard.

Here is a clip from YouTube of Pamela Geller debating an American Muslim on CNN over a truthful information campaign waged by her organization: American Freedom Defense Initiative.

Please watch carefully for the dynamics of the interview: Geller is challenged but the Muslim representative (Linda Sarsoor, of the National Network of Arab-American Communities) gets a free ride. Geller did not attack Sarsoor, personally, but Sarsour attacked Geller personally with labels, lies and pseudo-diagnoses and went unchallenged by the host. It was like that in virtually every CNN interview of Geller that I audited.

But ‘of course’ that is what would happen: after all, she is a conservative, Jewish woman.

CNN’s wealthy Arab backers would (I expect) approve[4].

[1] David Horowitz. Unholy Allaince: Radical Islam and the American Left. Regnery, Washingotn DC. 2004

[2] Biblical book of Judges Chapters 4 and 5

[4] CNN’s self-censorship in Arab-Muslim matters became evident in an article by Glenn Greenwald. It was a spectacular story that CNN paid for itself,  called iRevolution about the oppressive  Bahrain regime’s response to the so-called ‘Arab spring’ . That event says so much about who is “paying the piper . . . . “ (so to speak)

  1. Caroline Shindler says:

    Dear Roger,

    Very well done, informative, interesting, tv debate, and Pam Geller, speaks the truth and wise Thoughts, and related articles to The Bible.

  2. Brian Hildebrand says:

    Very clear, honest and informative

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