“IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE” Part 5: The Insane Society

Posted: April 5, 2013 in morality, society

“IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE” Part 5: The Insane Society [1]

“As the striving for mental health is “inherent in every human being . . . Not born a moral idiot,” society must be such as to offer him a chance to assert his moral nature. The chance, as seen before, is offered by “socialism,” i.e. the mixed, co-determined and politically democratic welfare economy; provided, of course, it sheds itself of such qualities as “greed, competitiveness, possessiveness, narcissism,” and lets conscience rule. As “no change must be brought about by force,” and as it must be “simultaneous change in the economic, political and cultural spheres,” it must be brought about by moral education of the inherent morality, and is thus clearly the function of “humanistic psychoanalysis,” which, then, takes its place besides the great ethical and religious systems, asserting the supremacy of the spiritual over material values, and devoted to the dignity of men, so that we may — some day — sing, walk, and dance together.”

Patrick Mattick on Eric Fromm’s The Sane Society
Section VI, Western Socialist, Boston, USA, July-August, 1956

We can all rest easy, now that GOD has been removed from government, the courts, the schools and the public square, the law-abiding citizens are disarmed amidst violent infiltration by drug cartels, Islamist and leftist terrorists; and gay marriage is now officially sanctioned . . . Fromm’s socialist vision of the Sane Society is realized.

6-year-old boy suspended for pointing finger like a gun got off easy

Student Suspended For Pop-Tart Gun, Josh Welch, Files Appeal With Maryland County School System

Student at historic all-women’s college wants to stay at school after adding penis

College Student Suspended For Refusing To Stomp On Jesus – Glenn Beck Radio Show

. . . . . . . . . . . . The Sane Society . . . . .


[1] Eric Fromm, The Sane Society. 1956 attempted to wed Marxism and Psychoanalytic theory in a vision of a new socialist society that would be ’sane’ in comparison to the perceived ‘pathology’ of modern capitalist society.

  1. Barb Churcher says:

    Hi Roger – I made the mistake of watching this short video just before I had to dash off to work – I was hopping up and down outraged!!!! Still am. Where is basic respect that this professor should have shown, as a model to her students if nothing else?? Where is common decency in her outlook???? Why choose Jesus’ Name?? Why not Gandhi or Martin Luther King??? These men probably would not have even been considered.
    And where are any consequences to this professor – like the moderator pointed out? Shouldn’t there be some basic training in R E S P E C T demanded for her, if nothing else? Why does she just get away with it??
    Kudos to the Mormon student who stood firm. I wonder where the Christians were?
    Like was said, we Christians win when we stand together, and we need to do this SOON!!
    Thanks, Roger, for this. I appreciate your detective work.
    The Lord bless you. Barb Churcher

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