AFTER AMERICA: Part II The Street-Fight and Politics as War

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The Street-Fight and Politics as War

In 2012, the ‘republicrats’[2] sent a guy in a tuxedo to a southside old Chicago street fight.

For the Chicago and Arkansas electoral machines, politics is war.

The Democrat unspoken mantra would say something like: The truth is subservient to appearance.[3] Your enemy must be subjugated or annihilated[4]. The unborn are a mere currency of political expediency. Sexual immorality can be marketed for votes. The politics of personal destruction works (through slander) [5] and there are no boundaries we won’t cross in the pursuit of power. Government is god. Keeping your subjects dependent is the key to holding power.[6] The crushing power of the state will control the rest through slander, rumour and propaganda by our garrison of well-paid scribes and what cannot be controlled by words will be crushed by the police, the military, intelligence, revenue agencies and security forces [7].

They see themselves as the smartest people on the planet and must dictate to the rubes who constitute the 2/3 of Americans who love ‘Nascar, their Bibles, their guns and their pickup trucks’. The end justifies the means because after all, the populace are just accidental, evolved animals that need controlling by an all-knowing, all-powerful state. The state ‘gods and goddesses’ must rule over this motly crew of  state-machine-demonized, ‘religious, right wing extremists’. Religion must be excised from the state (except, of course,  for their forcibly-instituted religions of Secular Humanism and Islam). GOD has been killed by man but is resurrected in THE STATE. “. . . The government giveth and the government taketh away. Blessed be the name of the government . . .”

An interesting model of analysis based on the social psychology of the mob[8] is covered in the Ann Coulter’s Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is endangering America. Listen to a man inside the new Occupy DC offices in Washington D.C. say that smashing Starbucks’ windows and burning cop cars is not violence:

Violence and the threat of mob-action becomes a key component in withdrawing constitutional guarantees such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion just as the Caesars exercised in Pax Romana. A man could be scourged or executed by the state if he caused a riot by telling the truth. (Apostle Paul, Biblical book of Acts). Today’s Caesars and Mullahs and Sheiks and Commissars execute the same mandate.

Watergate was akin to a B&E (and Republican President, Richard Nixon a ‘boy scout’) compared to the scandals surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton[9] (China-gate, Travel-gate, Vince Foster death, Johnny Chung Fundraising scandal, Cattle Futures Trading scandal,  Pardongate, Whitewater, File-gate, Wampum-gate, and the fast-track-immigration scandal reported by David Shippers in his courageous book: Sellout[10] ). Laura Ingraham engaged Bob Woodward of Watergate fame (on a talk show during the Benghazi atrocity) who in comparing the 2 scandals said; ‘. . but this is no Watergate. .  . .’ to which Laura Ingraham replied: ‘You’re right . . . no one died at Watergate . . .’

Bob Woodward was more than happy to make a monumental career on the back of Richard Nixon (who was trying to plug dangerous security leaks in the Whitehouse) but was silent as President Barak Hussein Obama’s administration covered up a 911 attack on sovereign US territory which killed 4 Americans, as it sent out a nauseatingly repetitious story about an obscure home-made video that had nothing to do with the attack on the US Benghazi compound.

Where there is no unbiased investigative media, there is no democracy.

Thus, [Oba-merica] has the government it deserves: “. . . corrupt, venal, weak and arrogant . . .”

The 2012 election should herald the death of the Republican Party, and its political strategies. . . especially the country club elite who have tried to win elections by adopting  ‘Democrat Light’ policies and have been consistently defeated. They don’t understand the new America, they don’t understand the tactics of the left and they decided to bring ‘a knife to a gunfight’ in the 2012 election. They don’t understand the Tea Party and what happened in 2010 elections, they are hostile to their ‘Values Voters’ and lost the election because 3 million conservative voters simply stayed home. If they survive, it will be ‘in-name-only’. Bush vs Clinton 2016: by some Republican reckoning, they are already defeated[11].

What does all this mean for Israel? Like Czechoslavakia, they once again stand alone in a neighbourhood of heavily-armed warlords committed to their destruction. In the White House, there is a President whose administration described the killing of 13 Fort Hood personnel and 32 wounded (by a Muslim US Army Major, with terrorist connections, shouting ‘Allahu akbar’) as “workplace violence” [12]. He is their reputed; ‘major ally.’

THIS AMERICA is their reputed ‘major ally.’

From a secular perspective, Israel cannot survive . . . and the GOD they do not recognize is their only remaining hope.

Isaiah 41:8-12
New King James Version (NKJV)

“But you, Israel, are My servant,
Jacob whom I have chosen,
The descendants of Abraham My friend.
9 You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth,
And called from its farthest regions,
And said to you,
‘You are My servant,
I have chosen you and have not cast you away:
10 Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’
11 “Behold, all those who were incensed against you
Shall be ashamed and disgraced;
They shall be as nothing,
And those who strive with you shall perish.
12 You shall seek them and not find them—
Those who contended with you.
Those who war against you
Shall be as nothing,
As a nonexistent thing.


[1] Mark Steyn warned in his bestseller America Alone what would happen if she didn’t change course. She hasn’t . His 2012 bestseller After America tells what will likely happen now.
[2] Attributed to Michael Savage, talk show host and author in Savage Nation
[3] Goldberg. Liberal Fascism p. 36. Georg Sorel’s teaching influenced Mussolini , emphasizing the role of ‘the myth’ in driving political change through activism
[4] Mitt Romney was accused of not paying his taxes by Senator House Leader, Harry  Reid;  (un-true, no apology) accused by DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of being a making women second class citizens (  ; accused by Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter of being a felon  (lie, no apology) ; implied accusation of abusing animals (dog kennel on the roof rack) ; accused of not caring while he allowed a working-man’s wife to die of cancer (slander, no apology) ; his company Bain Capital of ruthlessly shutting down companies and laying off their workers without concern (while many of the Unions that supported Obama were investors in the company they were defaming). It is the policy of slash-and-burn personal annihilation that began with Judge Robert Bork and Justice Clarence Thomas, as well as the misogynist attacks on Sarah Palin. Justicve Thomas’s ‘lynching’ was what radicalized a soft-left slacker by the name of Andrew Breitbart: Righteous Indignation: Excuse me while I save the world.  Grand Central Press, N.Y. 2011.
[5] Ann Coulter. Slander. Liberal lies about the American right. Three Rover’s Press 2003.
[6] Unconcerned (except in political rhetoric) about the massive increase of welfare, medicare, medic-aide, food-stamps,  unemployment insurance, and increasing government employees, the Obama administration never even produced a budget that could be passed by their own congress-persons and Senate because the swelling dependency-class was their electoral base.
[7] Waco  , Ruby Ridge , FBI files, IRS  intimidation of government enemies list, the sex scandal-cover-ups of the Clinton era
[8] Coulter. Demonic. Crown Forum New York . 2011
[9] Clinton Legacy
[10] David Shippers. Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment. Regnery  Publishing  Washington. . 2000
[11] Hillary cannot be defeated by the Republicans in 2016
[12] Survivor response to official labels


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