AFTER AMERICA : PART I The New Ruling Elite

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Hollywood, Israel, media, propaganda, White House

The New Ruling Elite

All my life I have served 2 masters. My GOD and my country. My GOD has never betrayed me.”
“But your Country has?”
“Because it is no longer the country to which I swore loyalty
as a young man. It has become corrupt and venal, weak
and yet arrogant, dedicated to the obese and the stupid.
It is not my country anymore. The bond is broken. The fealty gone.“

Frederick Forsyth. The Cobra p. 381 [2]

Big labour, Big Hollywood, Big business, (Soros, Amazon, Google, etc), feminist organizations, Big Islam, trial lawyers, Big Abortion, the gay activist movements, the Big Green, global warmers[3], the race hucksters, the open borders crowd, Occupy Wall Street and the American ‘mainstream’ (read ‘Lamestream’)[4] media . . . these ‘usual suspects’ are the Obama ‘base’. Now they rule.

So. . . the left-wing Dreams of (His)Father[5] will be enacted over the next four years. It is likely to embody the best of the Clinton Presidency (lies, scandal, cover-ups, allegations of vast right-wing conspiracies, major breeches of National Security, dereliction of duty[6] demoralization of the military and intelligence communities, errant FBI files on enemies lists, attempts to control the conservative-voice media), orchestrated by the genius of the Chicago political machinery that currently surround President Barak Hussein Obama. However, it is much less a pragmatically corrupt and self-serving administration as was the Clintons. The Obama administration is a radical, left-wing, fundamentally anti-American regime with an agenda to transform her from a vigorous, exceptional, vibrant, creative, muscular, capitalist, democratic super-power to a member of the global family of socialist and Islamic states.

But this regime (barring unforeseen forces) will slide seamlessly into the next Clinton Presidency in 2016 as the ‘Democrat-Media Complex’[7] preside over the demise of the Republic as we know it. Just as with Germany (1930s) and Russia (1917), by the time a preoccupied citizenry realize what has happened, it will be too late.

The death rattle of constitutional America really began with the earlier Clinton Presidency. There was no outrage, no accountability, no consequences to gross corruption, and misconduct because of the media cover-up-machine. No non-partisan, investigative media . . . no democracy: it is the 4th estate and in its absence, a democracy cannot function. The alphabet media have become the Tass News Agency and the Pravda of the old Soviet Union.

President Barak Obama understood the NEW America . . . the cyborg, reality-show, abortion-obsessed, Hollywood-fantasy, politically correct, multi-cultural, morally relative, contraception-obsessed left-wing, college-generated America . . . whose ‘reality’ is on the TV and parrots the Islamophile, Marxophile propaganda of their college professors.

As products of a one-party propaganda machine known as “the Mainstream Media”, they are blissfully unaware of the Obama corruption-and-scandals list.[8] The Benghazi atrocity; Fast and Furious[9]; the real economic state-of-the-nation; manipulation of unemployment statistics prior to (and since) the election; the ‘Obamacare’ political machinations including the Obama ‘it is not a tax’ statement, (Supreme Court Judge John Roberts declared that it was a tax and that is the only means by which it could be declared constitutional) all the way to Nancy Pelosi’s: ‘you can read it (2700 pages) after you have voted for it . . . ‘; proliferation of unconstitutional ‘Czars’; significant proportion of stimulus funds funneled to Democrat party supporters and soon-to-be-bankrupt companies; the New Black Panther (Muslim) voter intimidation charges; unconstitutional executive orders on the illegal immigration agenda; the Candy Crowley (CNN) set-up of Mitt Romney[10] in the second Presidential debate; the bizarre election poll results[11] . . . meaning basically they are unaware of what REALLY mattered or what really happened in the 2012 election.

Instead, they were kept focused on a fictitious gender war, race war, and class war[12], in a slander-lies-and-treason propaganda campaign by a one-party media who refused to vet or investigate the current administration.

The ‘republi-crats’ have never understood the power of propaganda and they don’t understand modern America. They still think elections are a rational discourse in the marketplace of ideas. They still think that the Democrat-ruling elite are just well-meaning Americans with a different political opinion. They don’t understand.

According to the New York Times 70% of American Jews voted for Barak Obama in 2012 as opposed to 74% in 2008.[13] They already knew how Obama viewed Israel.

Elections can have life-and-death consequences, especially for Israel.

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin




[1] Mark Steyn warned in his bestseller America Alone what would happen if she didn’t change course. She hasn’t. Steyn’s 2012 bestseller After America tells what will likely happen now.
[2] Signet Books, New York 2011.
; 260 actors and actresses, not counting comedians and directors, a media bonanza
[4] ‘lamestream media’ was I believe coined by radio talk-show host and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham on her show: Laura Ingraham: the Healthy Radio Addiction
[5] Obama’s America 2016 Dinesh D’Sousa
[6] Lt.Col Robert Patterson. Dereliction of Duty: the Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America’s National Security Regnery Publishing Inc. Washingotn DC 2003
[7] Attributed to the demonized master radio talk-show host: Rush Limbaugh
[8] Alex Newman. ‘Top 10 “most corrupt’ list dominated by the Obama Administration’ report from Judicial Watch:
[9] Attny General Eric Holder. Congressional efforts to read the pertinent documents have been blocked by executive action making it unlikely that the investigation will ever be complete.
[10] Candy Crowley was not a moderator in the debate, but an active, pro-Obama participant in the debate
[11] 59 Philadelphia districts and 100 in Ohio had zero votes for Romney, more reminiscent of Sadam Hussein’s Iraq, than America electoral results. . .
[12] As ex-Czar Van Jones and Occupy Wall Street showed their true colors, Obama spinmeisters struggled with the President’s support for it


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