The New Fascism and the Instatement of Sharia Law in the West

Posted: November 24, 2011 in fascism, Islam


The New Fascism and the Instatement of
Sharia Law in the West

Even after the Second World War, Europe remained treacherous for the Jews

Cohen. Avengers. Op cit p. 175

And the Middle East remained hostile to Jews as Israeli Independence generated the de-facto robbing and expulsion of 600,000 Jews out of the Muslim North African States and the nations of the Fertile Crescent.

Sixty years after the Holocaust, it remains treacherous for Jews in Britain and Europe.

As per the Choudary declarations in the newscast, Sharia Law demands stonings, (for adultery) amputations, (for theft) capital punishment for apostasy from Islam, expulsion of ‘unsuitables’, enforcing of dress-codes on women and roaming young Muslim vigilantes mandated to drive out Jews, Gays, and prostitutes and to do whatever they wish to young girls that break the codes. As Anjem Choudary states in the clip, “Islam is un-stoppable”. They have the plan for all Europe.

Jews are no longer safe in Europe (as Theodore Hertzl predicted) even after the Holocaust.

But Europe and North America can no longer hide behind the slogan: “it can’t happen here. . . ” The fact that the news clip exists says that it HAS happened here. The Caucasians in the interview are in a fool’s paradise to dismiss it.

The demographic and democratic ‘bomb’ that will go off in the next 10-15 years will give Islamists control of the reigns of government (by population) and their leftist allies in the courts will applaud. The courts will be over-burdened and happy to shift the workload onto un-democratic Sharia courts and the Muslim vigilantes will clean up the streets. It will indeed be “Islam” (Submission) . Crime victims and the police will celebrate the quiet streets but they won’t hear the screaming from the back rooms and alleys.

Caucasian populations slaughter their un-born and bother to have 1.5 babies per couple because babies are an inconvenience. For Islam, every baby is a soldier. . . a Jihadi in the glorious fight for the Global Islamic Caliphate where all will proclaim Allah as God.

And may God have mercy on the moderate Muslims that appreciate their freedoms, education and economic opportunity that brought them to the west to begin with. As Tarik Fatah so eloquently described in his address, when we bow to these right-wing, anti-democratic ideologues and allow them to destroy a culture that took centuries to fashion (in the light of Judeo-Christian law) “. . . our children will not forgive us tomorrow. . . “ We will enter 6th Century Arab culture with 21st century weapons.

When Sharia law is instituted at the hands of the radical Islamists, women and the moderates are the first to pay; then the Jews, then the Christians, and all other infidels, then anyone who will not bow the knee to the Caliphate or the Emirates.

And we deserve it.


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