The New Fascism: Part III: The Deadly Contrast SUMMARY

Posted: October 20, 2011 in fascism

The New Fascism: Part III:
The Deadly Contrast

In summary: the OLD FASCISM was characterized by:

1. anti-Semitism
2. genocide
3. global imperialism. . .
4. through conventional warfare.

The NEW FASCISM is characterized by:

1. anti-Semitism
2. genocide
3. global imperialism. . .
4. through asymmetrical warfare, child-martyrs, human shields and non-discrimination of combatants which cannot be defeated by democratic societies.

The OLD FASCISM was resisted by:

1. independent-minded, patriotic young farm-and-factory boys and girls who were ready to sacrifice their lives for freedom and free-enterprise
2. the Church was relatively strong and healthy, united on basic principles and joyfully sending out missionaries all over the world, yielding massive revivals and cultural change
3. The culture had standards of decency, based upon traditional family structure immersed in a media-culture which supported behavioral boundaries, democratic freedom, free-enterprise and supported the war effort.
4. A few strong, resolute leaders who were willing to sacrificially ‘stay the course’ against internal and external foes (i.e. Churchill, de Gaulle, FDR) and do what needed to be done to destroy Nazism and Japanese imperialist aspirations.
5. Robust economies with young populations that did not inhibit technological ingenuity and were ready to support a massive winning war effort

The NEW FASCISM is appeased by:

1. Left-indoctrinated, America-hating, metro-sexual, urbanite, androids unwilling to sacrifice any creature comforts having nothing worth dying for.
2. A weak Laodicean church[1] that supports a propaganda-based, left-wing anti-Semitism [2], that has abandoned the fundamentals of the faith, the authority of Scripture and taken up consumer-friendly social work.
3. A culture which celebrates pornography and abortion, whose idols are drug-abusing, sometimes-violent, androgynous, extreme hedonists that are willing to sexualize the very young.[3]
4. A vacuum of leadership in the context of a politically-correct social environment which makes leadership virtually impossible.
5. An aging, abortion-decimated, state-dependent population in bankrupt economies that hamper all independent business and technological innovation with endless, politically-derived, government regulation and taxation.

Apocalyptic summary ? : We are finished as a culture ! This brief, anomalous window of freedom (250 years) has come to an end amidst a human historical chronicle characterized by tyranny.

The New Fascism will succeed where the Old Fascism was temporarily defeated. Why? Because we have viciously abused the freedom GOD has given us. Americans are willing to die, not for the freedom of righteousness, but for the freedom of abortion, pornography and sexual license. Democracies won the First World War, the Second World War, the Third World War (the Cold War) but will lose the Fourth World War (the Unholy Alliance). In the process of winning these wars militarily and economically we lost the culture war.[4]

The Biblical Apocalypse indicates that brief reprieves of peace and prosperity (Daniel 9:26-27; Matthew 24:38-42; 1 Thessalonians 5:3; Revelation 13:11-14) will facilitate deceit that leads to larger disaster. The apparent, brief resolution of earth’s ecological, political and social ills will only facilitate the centralization of power in the hands of a coming leader who will then deceive those who have made covenant with him.

But the hope we carry into the 21st century (in the wake of the post- Enlightenment ‘century of blood’) is that the God Nietzsche declared ‘dead’ in the mid 19th century might (with fear, tears and trembling) be called upon to deliver and redeem us. . . personally and politically. Such a massive revival can indeed happen and has happened historically.

But without it, the New Fascism will leave a river of blood in its wake for the foreseeable future. Then ultimately, it will itself be vanquished in a flash of LIGHT.


[1] The Holy Bible: Revelation 3: 14-19
[2] Proselytizing for Palestine
Evangelical Left Targets Israel
Purpose Driven Jihad? (Moriel Ministries)
[3] Creepy ? A Lingerie Line for Four Year Old Girls.
[4] Agenda: Grinding America Down. Black Hats Films

  1. Barb Churcher says:

    Dear Roger – thanks so very much for this – I am learning so much from you!!!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Songbook Barb

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