The New Fascism: Part III: The Deadly Contrast

Posted: October 13, 2011 in fascism

The New Fascism: Part III:
The Deadly Contrast

Friederich Nietzche

“They revert to the innocence of wild animals: we can imagine them returning from an orgy of murder, arson, rape, and torture, jubilant and at peace with themselves as though they had committed a fraternity prank — convinced, moreover, that the poets for a long time to come will have something to sing about and to praise. Deep within all the noble races there lurks the [blond] beast [Bestie] of prey, bent on spoil and conquest. This hidden urge has to be satisfied from time to time, the beast [Thier, modern spelling Tier] let loose in the wilderness. This goes as well for the Roman, Arabian, German, Japanese nobility as for the Homeric heroes and the Scandinavian vikings.”

Friederich Nietzsche. On the Genealogy of Morality pp.174-175, cf. Zur Genealogie der Moral, Philpp Reclam, Stuttgart, 1988, p.30-31, boldface added; note the terms, “blond” and “German,” deleted or altered in the Golffing translation] [1]

In the peaceful and prosperous 1880s Nietzsche accurately foresaw the twentieth century as an age of wars such as have never happened on earth. His context? “God is dead”. He was right and the barbarity of the Holocaust, the Gulags, the Katyn Forest, the Cultural Revolution and the Rape of Nanking, confirm his prescience. After all, God is dead, we are all fundamentally just animals and the ‘will to power’ is, in fact. . . human will.

If, as he saw it, educated people had ceased to believe in the divine that entailed certain consequences. For God – or at any rate the Judeo-Christian God whose demise he was reporting had had a civilizing effect during his (evolutionarily speaking) brief reign. . . In the “arena of the future”, the world would be divided into “brotherhoods with the aim of robbery and exploitation of the non-brothers.
Mark Steyn [2]

Given Nietzsche’s prominence in Nazi propaganda and influence on Marxism, it indeed came true in the National Socialist and International Socialist genocides. It has also come true in Japanese emperor-worship and Islamic apocalyptic Jihad.

In the New Fascism’s ‘Death-Cult’ manifestation, in addition to the ‘death of God’ Communists, we have the malignant alliance with the newly oil-empowered faith that commits the same atrocities but in the name of Allah. Thus in the unholy alliance of the radical Jihad and the American Left we have the potential continuity of church and state.

Ann Coulter has done a magnificent job (complete with signature caustic satire and humour) of establishing Liberalism as a religion [3] which once again will not abide separation of church and state.[4] The official religion of America is the liberal-left sect of Secular Humanism and if you exercise Christianity or Judaism in the public square the ACLU will drag you to court[5]. This is the ‘Kid Glove’ branch of the New Fascism which has an iron fist inside the kid glove.

The ‘Old Fascism’ had no kid-glove variety. Hirohito’s Japan, Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy and Al Husseini’s Palestine would brook no dissent. But the New Fascism’s ‘Kid Glove’ strategy is much more sophisticated. In the name of multi-culturalism and moral relativity, it allows authoritarian theocracies to establish religions courts[6] and enforce de-facto ‘blasphemy laws’ [7] which as in the case of Lars Hedegaard of Denmark and Geert Wilders of Holland threaten the very existence of a right to free speech. Thus the western democracies are being seduced out of their right to free speech, religious expression, self-defense, and self-determination while cultures that do not have those rights are given special dispensations (i.e. prayer times, dress and gender-separation as the thin edge of the wedge). [8] The ‘Kid Glove’ variety is simply the useful idiot’s[9] precursor to the old fascism. It allows the western democracies to die under anesthetic.

But what is truly new is asymmetrical warfare[10].

If you had tanks and battleships and jet fighters, you were too weak to take on the hyperpower [read “USA” (editorial comment)]. But, if you had string and hacksaws and fertilizer, you could tie him down for a decade.
Mark Steyn. After America. p. 315 [11]

And by so-doing, you can bankrupt the hyper-power. Because of western democratic ‘rules of engagement’, the use of primitive technology, child martyrs, human shields, non-discrimination between combatants and civilians and religious sites as armories, the New Fascism is unbeatable. The west cannot militarily win the war declared against it by organizations like Al Qaida. The fifth column [12] infiltrators happen in routine immigration. They preach racial hatred of Jews and death to America in mosques[13] without consequence, within the context of multi-culturalism. Politically they will take the democratic reigns of government through demographics [14], institute Sharia Law and hold the trigger on the west’s nuclear arsonal.

And they deserve it. They are smarter, younger, and more dedicated than we, the old, decrepit west, and it wasn’t as though they kept their plans secret.[15] As with Mein Kampf they told us exactly what they were going to do.[16]

Coming up next will be the summary of the deadly contrast between the old and new Fascism.


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