The New Fascism: Part II: Malignancy of the Unholy Alliance (Continued)

Posted: October 7, 2011 in fascism, unholy alliance

The New Fascism: Part II: Malignancy of the Unholy Alliance

Continued. . . .

But if the United States did not exist, the Communist empire would still be standing, the Taliban would rule Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein would be in power, and the world would be a place of infinitely greater cruelty, injustice, and tragedy than the world that confronts us today.

David Horowitz. Unholy Alliance:Radical Islam And the American Left. P. 244

Indeed, as we see the news, the United States is already on the slippery-slope to pathetic insignificance in a world of genocidal megalomaniacs.

The last segment dealt with the two branches of the ‘Death-Cult’ alliance: Communism and radical Islam. These are the two most genocidal impulses in human history, accounting for more than 300 million deaths between them.

But the other major limb of the Fascist tree trunk is “Kid Glove Fascism”. America and Western Europe have a different approach (at this phase of development). Piles of dead bodies tend to insult the tender sensitivities of the hapless western democracies (except of course when it comes to abortion but those are small bodies, disposed of daily) so the strategically-savvy progressives have fashioned the kid-glove variety of fascism more attuned to the aging, decrepit, decadent western democracies.[1]

It all happens very slowly while the android populace do their designer drugs, watch ‘un-reality’ TV and Lady Gaga on their smart phones. Dope and electronic entertainment, anywhere anytime, totally anaesthetizes the population who then fall into the dependency class with lots of free time to do eco-protests and to trash major cities around the globe [2]. These become the army of useful idiots for whatever fascist ‘tribe’ manages to grasp power away from the other fascist ‘tribe’ as the nations go bankrupt, and the creative, independent middle class disappears. Rule of law vanishes (as in the latest riots) and the most-ruthless and best-organized groups take over: organized crime, left-wing urban guerillas, the Jihadist terror groups . But like Hitler and Mussolini, they don’t much like one another once they don’t NEED one another.

Rule of law gone, the urban infrastructure crumbles and desperation ensues; ‘hope and change’ utopian dreams disintegrate into dystopian techno-horror films. Then whoever hands the largest number of uniforms and AK-47s to the roiling bands of video-game and drug-hyped youth . . . rules. Mexico, Rwanda, Somalia, Londonistan [3], Athens, Madrid, Paris, Congo, Cairo, Montreal, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Stockholm. . .

As the happy warrior, Mark Steyn points out in his new best-seller After America this is the likely outcome of the new kid-glove fascism.

This new exciting brand is where ‘Hitler’ is interviewed on the NBC network covering his cool workout schedule, religious practices and cute, professorial presentation in order to put a ‘human face’ on his genocidal threats against Israel and the United States of America.[4] He has already been an honoured guest on Larry King Live. After promising a nuclear attack on a member nation, ‘Hitler’ strides confidently into the Useless Nations General Assembly and is applauded by many other member nations and then is invited to speak at Columbia University.[5] These latter-day institutional reincarnations of Neville Chamberlain symbolically wave Hitler’s signature promise to not invade Czechoslovakia and cry: “Peace in our time. . . “ In Chamberlain’s day there was the enthusiastic applaud of those who were soon to die. The whole world is Hitler’s stage as he sponsors international terror around the globe, destabilizes nations and institutes barbarity that shames Nazi and Japanese atrocities. The American left love him just as they loved Mussolini and Hitler in the 1930’s.

In the new kid glove fascism, eugenicist Margret Sanger is considered a hero as her successors continue their abortion-assault on black inner cities[6] dispatching the Afro-American unborn at a rate five times that of the Caucasian un-born. Further, the political party that brought you the Jim Crowe Laws as an attempt to maintain slavery in the South after the Civil War is presented as the party of black civil rights while one of its longest-serving Senators had been an organizer for the KKK[7].

In the new kid glove fascism freedom of religion is expressed by Muslims having prayer-breaks and ritual bath facilities at public expense while Christians are discouraged from holding prayer meetings or carrying a Bible on campuses across the nation. Freedom of speech is stifled by hate legislation where the truth is suborned to ‘perceived slight’ and one can be charged and convicted for telling the truth about violent, anti-Semitic and anti-democratic institutions.[8] The kid gloves only apply to the most potentially violent. The ‘lambs’ are demonized, delegitimized, and subjected to double-standards (established pre-cursors to genocide) in film and political discourse just as Israel is in the General Assembly of the Useless Nations. In the meantime the ACLU stands guard in their lawyer suits to protect pornographers, terrorists, abortionists and the huddling secular-humanist masses from the ‘hate-mongers’ of Christianity and Judaism.

Predictably, the ACLU do not often appear on behalf of Christians who are losing their religious rights all over America, having their religious symbols displayed in urine or covered with ants. . .[9],[10] . . .their Bible and their speech banned from the public square, while young Muslim women are caught in ritual gang-rapes or murdered in Muslim communities for dress-infractions of Sharia Law.[11] In the meantime the feminist and gay-rights activists continue to rail against the ‘Tea Party’ while women, gays, Jews and Christians are subjected to humiliation, violence and murder in Muslim-gang controlled multi-cultural neighborhoods.

In the new fascism a democratic nation who gives equal rights to all its citizens and even allows anti-nationalist members to sit in its parliament, is demonized, delegitimized and subject to standards applied to no other nation on earth while a terrorist entity that encourages its children to blow themselves up to kill their neighbours is entertained for nationhood in the Useless Nations.[12] In this same body, three representatives of the worst violators of human rights in the world (Syria, Iran and Libya) sit on the UN Human Rights Council (or its committees)[13] while a democratic nation under threat of extermination by these member nations is barred from membership on the Security Council and the Human Rights Council.[14]

What indeed do we have today? Piles of dead bodies of innocent civilians (Sudan, Cambodia, Somalia, Congo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone); profound anti-Semitism; competing global ‘Reich’ visions with a related arms-race; racial-hatred-instruction and supremacy-doctrines being taught in Palestinian schools at UN public expense; demonization and abandonment of nations targeted for extinction in a globalist strategy; absence of strong leadership in the democratic west; hapless international organizations whose mandate it is to maintain global economic and military order; deep penetration by foreign intelligence-gathering networks and sabotage (terrorist) cells; hedonism, moral decay and nihilism; while law enforcement is unable to protect the citizen, it is against the law to protect yourself; international economic instability and uncontrolled government spending; systematic disarmament of the law-abiding population; organized-crime terror; religious confusion and abandonment of fundamental tenets of Christianity and Judaism; persecution of Christians and Jews; anti-Semitic religious institutions joining the ranks of the fascists. . . it all looks remarkably like Europe in the 1920’s and 30’s.

So what is the difference between the old fascism and the new? Nothing ! ? ! ?

There are significant differences and they will be addressed in the next posting.


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