Posted: September 1, 2011 in humour

(Common Monty Python quip)

In late 2010, there was a series of shark attacks in the Red Sea off the Egyptian resort of Sharm El- Sheik(5). On an official Egyptian government news site, the governor of South Sinai, Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha, speculated that the fatal attacks in the hitherto peaceful waters were due to “the Mossad throwing in the deadly shark to hit tourism in Egypt.” Other sources wondered if the Mossad had gone further and equipped the aquatic predators with GPS. Could be. Governor Shousha has undoubtedly seen the famous Hollywood film about a killer shark terrorizing a beach resort – Jews.

Oh, c’mon your not gonna let a one-vowel typing error in the poster throw you off what it’s really about, are you? Directed by the same infidel who made Shindler’s List, if you get my drift.[1]

Israeli humour

Israeli humour featured many of the same themes as Jewish humour elsewhere, making fun of the country and its habits, while containing a fair bit of gallows humour as well, as a joke from a 1950 Israeli joke book indicates:

An elderly man refuses to leave for the air raid shelter until he can find his dentures. His wife yells at him, “What, you think they are dropping sandwiches?”[2]


Author’s note: Bless the Jews, bless them every one.



[1] Mark Steyn. After America: Get Ready for Armageddon. Regnery Publishing, Inc. Washington, DC. 2011 pp. 271-2


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